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20 Awesome Receipts

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at 8:30AM Wednesday 30 March, 2011
under Loose Change

There's a good reason why I carefully read through my receipts upon returning home from a shopping trip, and it's not because I'm afraid of being overcharged (although that would be a perfectly reasonable and, more importantly, sensible explanation). No. I excitedly check my receipts on the off-chance that either a typo, clumsily abbreviated item description, or bored employee has transformed what is usually a depressing reminder of my predictable overspending into an unlikely source of amusement. So far I'm yet to strike gold but I have it on good authority that it happens quite regularly; after all, how many millions of receipts are produced on a daily basis?

To whet my appetite (and yours), here are some glorious examples.
1. Employee of the month 2. Geek Salad 3. The young boys are in Aisle 3 4. Are you baking the p**s? 5. Male company costs extra 6. Steaming fresh salad 7. Grab a what now? 8. Best served cold 9. Hold the cannabis 10. A definite rarity 11. Cheaper than nachos? 12. What about the front? 13. Nice to meet you too 14. But I asked for a straight vodka... 15. I don't remember ordering that last item 16. And you only tell me after the meal? 17. Hardly a feature 18. YOU SHALL NOT PASS (without paying) 19. I've got this in coins... 20. Um...okay...
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