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Belly's Gonna Get Ya

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at 8:14AM Wednesday 22 June, 2011
under Health and Beauty

By The Man About Town

A single man in London who likes to spend, but who likes to save even more!

A long, long time ago in a land not so far away it used to be the case that I could eat and drink whatever I wanted and maintain a body that was more Johnny Depp than Johnny Vegas. But, as the years go by and the metabolism slowly grinds to a halt, there comes a time in a man's life when he has to face the facts – notably, if something isn't done soon I'll be rejected from internal flights in the USA (if you know what I mean).

The cold, harsh fact that I'm cultivating a beer keg is accentuated by summer and the layers of clothes that conceal any excesses are no longer available to wear. I know the weather's not been great recently but it's not cold and, fingers crossed, the UK summer will start sooner rather than later which means exposing one's self to the rest of London and, more importantly, London's female population.

So what to do?  I can't diet seriously and I don't want to stop eating carbs again. I tried that before and, after about a day, it felt like I was going to pass out by midday.

I suppose I could cut out beer but there are just too many 'events' where you simply have to have a couple of beers! Which leaves only one thing for it - hardcore exercise and that costs money!

I've decided to start with some cheap options to get the fitness ball rolling. I don't mind running and, with the long evenings at the moment, I can run after work when I get home.

However, first things first, I need some new running shoes and JJB Sports has some amazing deals so at least I will look the part as I pant and sweat my way round Wandsworth Common!

If any girls are reading this and feel inspired to turn over a new leaf and new some new gear then Sweaty Betty has some good deals right now - like new customers save 10% when you order with Savoo. 

But I can't run forever and still start to look like Brad in Fight Club so other measures are called for – the dreaded gym beckons.

I've been a member of gyms before and I even used one for an extended period of time (before my last surf trip) but I don't like them. Full of body builders who make me feel inferior or flexible folk that make me feel old.

The alternative is the British Military Fitness who is currently offering a free one hour session for you to see if it's your cup of tea. Unfortunately I can't do that because of the things I have said about the people as I drive past them on my way to golf in the morning!

So, the gym it is and possibly even a PT further down the line. If you take location out of the list of pros and cons then the following seem to be the best deals right now;

  • LA Fitness has a free three day trial and I am more of a fan of this brand than many. I have no idea why – maybe because this is the one gym group I actually used.
  • Fitness First is closest to my house and my office and is offering a free one day trial that I will certainly use to see what it's like.
  • A slightly more expensive option (which I guess means a nicer experience) is Virgin Active.  I can't see any deals right now but there are a lot of good options for different individual needs on the site.

  • The new kid on the block that looks like fun is Gymbox.  It certainly has the best website and I like the deal where if you refer a friend you win tickets for you and three friends to Lovebox (which I went to last year and loved).

-     If you really hate gyms and need privacy and want to work out at home (and we're not talking Wii Fit here) then you need to know that buying the right gear isn't cheap. But, if you are serious then Savoo does have some good fitness deals right now - not only on equipment but also on those muscle supplement shake things you see advertised by that Welsh guy and Martin Corry.

Now, I wouldn't blame you if you didn't rate my opinion as I can hardly profess to be an expert but Time Out knows a thing or two about London life so you might want to check out its London gym roundup.

Essentially I guess it doesn't really matter which one you go for because if you want to get fit, look good for summer and lose weight then you need the correct mental attitude. So that's what I'm psyching myself up for right now.  A change in attitude…

Once I've got the mental toughness and have started the regime I'll be sure to update you on my progress, but until then if you see a bloke in trouble running round the common be nice and say 'Come on, keep going'!