A Valentine to Take their Breath Away


Although my husband and I don’t exchange gifts on February 14th, we at least pick out cards for each other. Since it’s a little difficult for me to secretly purchase one without having him around, I often opt to make one by hand. Now, I know that there are numerous vouchers for people who don’t want to spend much this February 14th but, stocking up on craft materials will help for the times you find you’ve completely forgotten any special occasion!

So, if you find yourself on Valentine’s Day without so much as a card to give to your other half, don’t panic! Here is a Valentine you can make on your own in five minutes flat.

Materials: card stock or construction paper (preferably in red or pink), balloon, marker, ball point pen, tape, scissors

Step 1: Cut a heart shape out of your card stock.

Step 2: Inflate your balloon and pinch off the end to hold in the air with your non-writing hand.

Step3: Write a special message on the inflated balloon with a ball point pen. A permanent marker should work fine as well. (ex: “Be Mine XOXO”)

Step 4: Let the air out of your balloon slowly. Wipe the end of it (optional since you will hopefully be swapping some spit with your honey, anyway).

Step 5: Tape the balloon onto your paper heart with the message side face down.


Step 6: Leave a note and directions for your Valentine. I chose to write: “You took my breath away. Can you please lend me some air? Blow me up to reveal a message!”

Don’t happen to have a balloon on hand? You can also download some of these free and beautifully designed Valentines I found on the internet:

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