BBC Celebrates 75th Broadcasting Birthday


As the BBC celebrated its 75th birthday yesterday, we take a break from the usual ‘brand of the week’ segment to take a look at this iconic broadcasting company. On the 2nd November 1936, the first BBC broadcast was produced. The company has offered a continuous service of television broadcasts to UK households for the 75 years following that event. The only brief disruption in programming from the service occurred during the First World War when the transmitter was used to disrupt German navigational systems in their bombers.


The British Broadcasting Corporation/Company was founded in 1927 and is said to be the largest broadcasting service in the world, with over 23,000 staff members. The company was originally a private business, founded in 1922 which conducted experimental radio broadcasts.


Growth for the company saw it become one of the main television service providers. The original channel was called BBC Television Service but was later shortened to BBC. This was then made into BBC1 in 1964, when the company added another channel (BBC2) to its service.

Since then, the number of BBC channels which are available to modern users has increased drastically. These changes represent the company’s growth and development and explain why it has been such a popular service for the past three quarters of a century.


In order to celebrate their 75th birthday, the BBC will be hosting a free exhibition this weekend (5th-6th November). This will give people the chance to learn the history of this influential service whilst offering unique experiences. Visitors will be able to receive a makeover to transform them into a 1930s TV celebrity and a 1950s inspired menu will be on offer at the canteen. The exhibition will be held in London’s Alexandra Palace.

Of course, those interested in celebrating this milestone in their own way might want to consider investing in a new digital freeview box, giving them the chance to experience the BBC’s many channels. With the digital switchover fast approaching, eligible households can receive discounts and reductions on these purchases and installations, making them even more worthwhile.

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