BlackBerry’s APP-ology: Is It Enough to Restore Customer Confidence?


After their largest ever service disruption, lasting up to four days in some cases, BlackBerry manufacturer RIM have offered compensation to affected customers. However, is this enough to regain the trust of consumers? The firm has offered a number of premium applications free of charge to their customers as recompense for the widespread disruption. The applications are to become available over the coming weeks and will remain on offer for the rest of the year.

Not only is this an attempt by RIM to show appreciation for their customers’ patience but it is also a way to prevent customers from considering switching to an alternative model. Since last week’s disruption there have been numerous questions about whether users will abandon ship, leaving RIM in a vulnerable position (read ‘Will BlackBerry Users Desert RIM After This Week’s Technical Issues‘ for more information).

RIM seem to be so concerned about the chances of users abandoning their handset that rumours are even circulating that they are considering offering compensation to mobile phone network operators who were the first port of call for disrupted users last week.

The free applications which are set to be offered by RIM are said to be worth as much as £75 (100)
meaning that customers could stand to get improved features and services at no extra cost. Mobile phones can often be expensive devices, being one of the main things individuals spend their money on.

For those affected by the BlackBerry disruption, choosing a new mobile handset might be on the cards, especially with Christmas approaching. A number of services offer people monetary vouchers or amounts for their old handsets if traded in or recycled. This can help individuals to obtain a new handset without breaking the bank.

Other options for those looking for ways to save money on their mobiles include purchasing low priced accessories in order to enhance the performance of current models. This is a great way for people to improve their mobile experience without investing time and money in a brand new model.

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