Brand of the Week: easyJet


This week’s much coveted Brand of the Week title goes to budget airline, easyJet. Now, whilst many of you may think this is a bit of strange choice, the truth is that easyJet have had a number of recent successes which have helped to secure their position as a respected household name.

The British airline, which has its headquarters set firmly in Luton, is said to carry more passengers than any other UK based airline. These flights are operational on both domestic and international routes, offering individuals a vast range of choice.


The success of easyJet lies in their marketing and services. The marketing has been kept fairly streamlined and minimal, whilst the company has developed a brand image that is fun and friendly, making them a household name. The television series Airline helped to propel the status of easyJet into the public sphere, increasing its popularity.

The service which they offer emphasises affordability and has, therefore, been embraced by a number of UK residents, especially those with families. The cheaper prices help individuals to get the best value for money on their holidays whilst ensuring the airline has a loyal base of customers.


As with all brands or companies, diversification has also proven to be part of easyJet’s key to success. By offering both domestic and international flights, the airline ensures that they appeal to as wide an audience as possible.

Alongside this, the airline has also continued to develop their services to make it more family friendly. A recent announcement has confirmed that the airline will be mimicking the actions of Ryanair next spring, by offering customers an allocated seating option.

Whilst this will incur an additional fee when booking flights, it will guarantee that passengers are allowed to select their own seats. The company commented that the system would only be implemented permanently if it proved both beneficial to themselves and to their customers.

Whilst seats are currently allocated on a first-come-first-served basis, priority is given to families and passengers with young children helping to ensure that they sit together during their flights.


As if the Brand of the Week title isn’t enough, easyJet has also been recognised in other spheres! Mumsnet’s Family Friendly Programme Awards presented the airline with the Bronze award making them the only airline to receive such an accolade.

The awards were presented to companies who worked to provide services which were tailored towards helping families.

This news therefore means that airlines such as easyJet could be the perfect brand for struggling families providing cheap flights so that families can escape both the winter weather and the festive expenses this Christmas.

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