Brand of the Week: Seasonal Chocolate


I know what you’re thinking — how is “seasonal chocolate” a brand? Well, rather than focusing on just one manufacturer today, I thought I would take a look at the multitude of festive offerings which are available in this area, with everyone from Cadbury to Mars releasing seasonal choccies in time for Christmas. Cadbury Roses

Originally introduced in 1938, these chocolates have become a traditional Christmas gift for households across the country. Containing ten different varieties of chocolate that offer everything from brazil nuts to caramel, these chocolates are known for their variety and affordable price.

Nestle Quality Street

The main rival to Cadbury’s Roses is, of course, Nestlé’s Quality Street — a selection of small chocolates which contain every filling from orange cream to hazelnut paste which was launched in 1936. The success of this variety of chocolates has come through the rivalry between the popular
flavours. The ‘Big Purple One’ and the ‘Green Triangle’ have become so well known that larger, individual versions are now sold and are commonly used as stocking fillers.

Cadbury Heroes

Catering to all chocolate tastes, Cadbury have diversified their range of seasonal chocs by adding another option. Cadbury’s Heroes are a more recent addition which were brought out in 1999 and were aimed as a rival against the popular Celebrations (from Mars). Containing a number of miniature favourites, these have proven to be very popular since their introduction, especially over Christmas.

Mars Celebrations

My personal favourite of the bunch, Mars Celebrations, offers a chocolate for every occasion. With everything from a miniature Mars to Galaxy Caramels and Maltesers, this selection of chocolate is a great Christmas addition.

First produced in 1997, recent outrage has been caused by Mars’ decision to replace the popular Galaxy Truffles chocolate with a miniature Twix in their collections. There are currently at least two Facebook groups protesting against this “atrocity” — something which could perhaps lead to the success of other seasonal chocolates this Christmas?

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