Celebrating a New Birth on a Budget


Your friend has just announced that they are going to be increasing the size of their family — and
not by getting a pet. A new baby is an expensive prospect for all would-be parents and their
loved ones. So how do you celebrate the arrival of this bundle of joy without clearing your bank
account? Think Ahead

Every new parent finds themselves inundated with newborn baby clothing. Unfortunately, babies do not remain that size for very long so if you really want to help out the prospective parents buy them clothes for when they’re older, such as 6-9months.

Be Practical

It may not be the most exciting present in the world but a lot of new parents need a helping hand when it comes to basic, practical items. Things like nappies, baby powder and bottles soon run out even if they have been bought months in advance.

Consider creating a baby hamper for the new parents, complete with all the essential items they need and some luxuries they may not. If you don’t have the time to create the hamper yourself then consider buying a pre-made one. Hampergifts offer a range of different hampers for babies that include items such as teddy bears, scratch mitts, socks, bibs, photo frames and baby care products.

Club Together

If you really want to get something special for the new arrival then discuss the idea of clubbing together with friends and family. This is a great way to afford a large item without cleaning out your
bank account.

Speak with the new parents directly and find out which of the “big” items, such as the cot, pushchair and bottle steriliser, they have already got so that you don’t double up. Talk with them in detail about what they want and consider taking them shopping with you. It might ruin the surprise when you deliver the present but at least you can be sure that the new mum or dad is getting a gift that they really want, and one that will serve a practical use as well.

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  1. babymunkey

    3 years ago

    As we are fast approaching the arrival of number 2, I can’t agree enough with this! And more so if the parents have children already – they probably have most things they need, but its great to ask! I have a massive over stock on baby grows from 0 – 3 months then a massive dip after 6 months.
    My suggestion is to get them to create a gift list on Amazon or somewhere similar or ask for their input – gifts are so lovely but in today’s climate people will be so happy to have financial help that it won’t matter its not a surprise.

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