Cost-Cutting Computers: Upgrading on a Budget


With so much focus on finances at the moment, finding the money to upgrade gadgets can be particularly difficult. Unfortunately though, many of our most commonly used (and most needed) possessions become noticeably slower in performance as time passes. This usually means that we have to upgrade them and have little choice but to spend money.

My laptop has been a faithful and reliable member of my household for a number of years now and I pride myself on keeping it in top condition. There are no food or drink items allowed within its vicinity, it’s wiped with a dry cloth on a regular basis and it’s always stored within its well padded case.

Despite all this, I have recently been forced to consider upgrading my system as it’s starting to show the common characteristics of laptop decline. It takes an age to turn on, freezes periodically and occasionally performs functions I didn’t even know it could do.

Shopping for a new laptop is, therefore, on the cards but is also, generally, one of my least favourite activities. Not only do I struggle to navigate the world of ‘computer talk’ but I also tend to have an optimistic view of prices when I enter stores. You’d think I’d have learnt what to expect by now but apparently not.

Luckily, I took a good look around (using some top Savoo resources and tips) and have found a number of likely candidates to replace my exhausted device. These computers are all being offered at great prices meaning that, for once, computer shopping is likely to be more enjoyable.

The HP Pavilion dv6-3110sa Laptop currently has a saving of £170 along with free delivery direct from their site, while PC World are offering savings of up to £350.02 with their Laptop price crash.

Of course, should I decide to really enter the 21st Century by looking at more modern computing gadgets such as tablets then there is also a great amount of choice.

Best Buy are offering 5% off all Android Tablets while the Apple Store are offering a number of incentives and promotions, especially for students who are looking for a new piece of computing kit for this September.

So, whilst I am going to be reluctant to see my old friend bite the proverbial dust, I must admit this plethora of offers is helping to cushion the blow somewhat.

Now all I need to do is work out what type of computer I want to upgrade to!

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