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My mate purchases new custom made dog collars for her spoiled pups just about every three months. Bella has had the same dog collar since she turned two and stopped growing, which means she’s had the same pink collar for over three years. In fact, I think we only switched her out from her puppy collar to her adult one because it was a Christmas gift from my mum. 


I don’t think it’s necessary to waste my money on an accessory for a dog but that doesn’t stop me from looking at the adorable dog collars sold on Etsy or Lovepets.

I can’t help but think that Bella would look absolutely fabulous with a fancy pink argyle collar and matching fabric flower around her dainty neck. Or, if she were a boy, she would look rather dashing with a bowtie.      

The price of £17.57 for a collar, however, is a tad too steep for me. After attending a craft fair recently, I was able to take a closer look at similar collars and I realised that these fabric collars are far too easy to make on my own.

In comes the trusty internet where I was able to find multiple resources on how to make beautiful collars of my own for Bella. This tutorial by Michelle Patterns showed me how to recycle the hardware of Bella’s old collar to make a new one. I could pick my own fabric and the tutorial is made even easier by not worrying about the adjustable component of the collar. After all, your dog’s neck will mostly stay the same size. If you don’t want to part with your pup’s old collar yet, you can always order more hardware online or you can purchase a cheap one and take it apart.

Fabric collars are suitable for dogs who don’t pull while on the leash or if you use a separate harness or lead. If you are looking to make a sturdier dog collar, try following this tutorial by Mimi from Ours for a Year. Her tutorial is very detailed and thorough so, even if you’re a novice sewer, you should be able to complete this project.    

Looking to make your pup even more handsome? Whip up this dog bow tie from Decor and the Dog in under twenty minutes. I made a bright red one as a gift for my mate’s beagle and it was a huge hit.


For those who are searching for a dog collar suitable for your dog’s personality but can’t get their hands on a sewing machine, there’s always Savoo pet vouchers and Etsy.

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