Five Easy Ways to Spend Less This Year


I’m terrible at keeping any New Year resolutions so I have quit attempting to make them. Why set myself up for failure, right? However, I can at least set some guidelines for myself to live by in 2012. Although it’s tempting to say that I should live large this year since the world is ending anyway, I should probably still try to be conservative with my spending habits in case I don’t have an awful disaster to bail me out of debt.
I will dig through my cupboard and grab the pieces I forgot about and ‘upcycle’ them. I can cut up an old jersey shirt and create a playful bracelet out of the fabric. An old sweater can be turned into an circle scarf. That old pair of drabby flats can be made over with some glue and glitter. Why not steal an old dress shirt from my husband’s wardrobe and transform it into an adorable skirt?

I will use more natural products in our household when I can. Instead of using harsh and sometimes expensive cleaning products, I have found household vinegar and Bicarbonate of Soda to be incredibly useful. Vinegar can be used to clean everything from shower heads to stovetops and Bicarbonate of Soda is an amazing product that can be used to freshen your carpets or even to exfoliate your face.

I will continue to use coupons and promotion codes. Shoes, groceries or gifts? Savoo’s got me covered.

I will find other ways to cool me down or warm me up and give my air conditioning or heater a break. Savoo blogger Mumsaves knows some fab tips on how to save on energy bills or I can also use my dog as a foot warmer. I’m sure she won’t object.

I will drink more water. Simple water is the best thing for you and I definitely do not drink enough of it. Instead of buying fizzy pop or juice, I should stick with what has always worked for the human race. Also, I need to be vigilant about using reusable water bottles and fill up at home instead of purchasing wasteful and disposable water bottles in stores.

 Looking at this list, I think this year may be the first time I will be able to stick to my New Year’s resolutions….or uh… guidelines.




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