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We’re a house proud lot in the UK; our homes are our castles and our gardens are a refuge away from the stresses and strains of modern day life. But, with most of us looking to keep our spending to a minimum and the majority of us looking for ways to save money anyway we can, finding the extra money to pay for sprucing up your home can become increasingly expensive.What’s the best way to DIY on a budget?

Get the Paint Brush Out

You’ll be amazed at the effect a single coat of paint can have on a room. Transform that 1970’s wall paper into a stylish and modern room. Paint costs far less than wallpaper and is easy to get right yourself. Check for deals at stores like Homebase for great money savings. Another good tip is to keep the colour plain and simple on the main walls, perhaps adding some brighter colours to door frames or skirting boards.

De-Clutter Your Home

For modern, busy families it’s all too easy to create a chaotic home life: the kid’s toys are everywhere, your work is on the kitchen table, the cat food is in the living room — the list is endless. A simple but extremely effective way to improve your home without spending any money whatsoever is to try and reduce clutter in your home. If there is anything you do not need or use regularly, think about selling it or donating it to websites such as Freecycle — this way you will be able to free up space in your home.

Let There be Light

We know it isn’t much of a summer we are experiencing at the moment but most homes look better with more light. There are simple ways to create the feeling of more light in a home. Adding mirrors to walls, painting walls a lighter colour and removing any old-fashioned net curtains are a good place to start bringing more light into a room. Additionally you could look to buy more lamps for any particularly troublesome dark corners, too.


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