How To Get Value For Money at an Alice Cooper Gig


This Halloween, like many before it, Alice Cooper hosted his annual “Night of Fear”, touring the UK with a show full of musical and theatrical entertainment. With financial times being tight for a number of people, getting value for money at gigs and other such events can be difficult. So, how can you get value for money at an Alice Cooper gig? Just turn up! This year’s tour, which I was fortunate enough to see at London’s Alexandra Palace, was priced at just over £30 per ticket. This, in itself, isn’t a bad price for a music event but here are some additional reasons why it offered value for money:

  1. Alice Cooper, at the gigs in London, was supported by the New York Dolls who played what can only be described as a flawless and energetic set.
  2. A “fire-show contest” was organised for added entertainment, helping to fill the stage in between acts.
  3. A costume competition was hosted using members of the audience — many of which had put in an astounding amount of effort.
  4. Workers dressed as zombies were used to “greet” attendees upon entering the venue.
  5. A special guest appearance was made for the encore of Alice Cooper’s set by none other than Arthur Brown — the original singer of the 1968 hit Fire.
  6. If you are lucky enough to stand in the right place, even if you are about 10 rows back, then you could come away with one of the guitar picks heralded from the stage (not that I am bragging, of course).

With all this on offer for under £40, Alice Cooper really demonstrated how people can save money and have fun at the same time. Of course, not all acts will be able to put on such an astounding show (I feel I should mention that Alice Cooper’s set was also flawless, with excellent theatrical displays featuring alongside note-perfect music).

For those interested in saving money on gig experiences and other forms of entertainment, there are a number of ways to make additional savings. The first of these is to attend local events or smaller venues. This may not always attract the “big” acts but tickets will be far lower in price and they often have surprisingly good performers.

Secondly, searching for discount ticket sales online can help you get a better deal. A number of retailers will offer lower, more competitive prices so it is always worth looking at what is out there.

Finally, looking for events which combine a number of different acts can help you get value for money. These type of events are available for a number of different forms of entertainment, with comedy and music festivals being two of the most common.

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