Humanising Dogs- How Far is Too Far?


“No, she’s a man’s dog,” my husband proclaimed to me when I tried to purchase yet another pink sweater for Bella. I tried to explain to him that our dog gets cold at night. I can easily tell this by how tight of a curl she sleeps in. Why is he unable to see this? Even though he treats our Lab as a baby and cradles her to a deep slumber on the couch every evening, he refuses to dress her up in clothes. I am convinced that Bella adores wearing clothes. She becomes extremely excited when I pull something out of her storage bin and her tail wiggles her little body so hard that it’s difficult for me to loop her legs where they belong. The same goes for her many bandanas. Bella likes to accessorise – she takes after her mother. Of course a man won’t understand.

Truthfully, though, I really have not purchased many accessories for Bella. My nan whipped up some pretty bandanas and sweaters (with pockets!) for her great-grandaughter so our supply is never short. I’ve also been able to resist shirts that say “Free Hugs” or “Bad to the Bone.” Her fur is too short for little hair clips so she is saved from that madness at least. And since I now know how to sew on my own, I am able to make adorable bandanas on my own instead of buying some at the pet store. Bella spends most days in her natural, naked state. However, if we are out and about, I always make sure I stick a cute collar on her neck. And I save my husband from embarrassment and never leave the flat with a dog in a dress or anything like that (except on Halloween when she was a bumble bee).

Of course, compared to across the Atlantic, I know that I’m somewhat tame in the whole trend of buying loads of doggie accessories. Diamond studded leather collars, little booties, nail “pawlish” and giant leopard print beds are beyond my limits, financially and morally. It looks like the newest trend is to get feather extensions for your pup, something I came across in the dog blog Pretty Fluffy recently. Apparently, a company called Condition Culture has a line of feather extensions called Puppylocks…because I’m sure that’s something you and your dog has always wanted.

I showed these feather extensions to my husband and immediately he said no. He was mighty relieved when I told him that Bella getting feather extensions was going too far. Funnily enough, he did say that these red feathers looked “sorta cool” because it “looks like fire.” Such a man’s perspective.

So, what do you think? How do you gauge puppy accessories? Should we just let dogs be dogs or is it okay to dress them up a bit?

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