Romantic Nonsense and Cold Weather: How February gets under my Skin


The second month of 2012 is almost upon us (doesn’t time fly and all that) and as always there are things about it that manage to get under my skin. Of course, you can find fault in every month of the year but the main source of contention found in February is that of Valentine’s Day.

Now, before I repeat the clichéd rant about commercialism and invented holidays conning money out of an unsuspecting and overly romantic public, I want to make it clear that if you choose to show your affection for someone over Valentine’s Day then that is perfectly fine.

In fact, a couple of my friends exchange cards every year in something of a mock tradition and I see nothing wrong with this.

What does annoy me is the amount of money people spend on a day which, in the modern world, means very little. Instead of showing their affection in a unique and personalised way, many people flock to their nearest card store and stock up on cards which contain cringe-worthy rhymes only more saccharin than the largest stuffed teddy they also have to find.

Of course, it’s the thought that’s most important when buying gifts but that doesn’t mean you have to travel the same route as everyone else.

Not only are these gifts unimaginative, they are also more expensive that you might think. My personal advice is to treat your loved one to a night out instead.

Whether you decide to have a meal out, go to the cinema or even pay a visit to the theatre, there are plenty of vouchers and discounts available that will help keep the cost down. What’s even better is that you won’t find that giant teddy you didn’t buy taking up your space in the bed when you get home!

Alongside the generally romantic nonsense that floats around at this time of year the cold weather is, of course, another thing which I find frustrating. By the time February arrives, Christmas and New Year have long been forgotten and, for me, that means the weather should pick itself up.

Unfortunately, all the vouchers in the world can’t make the sun shine — although there are always travel deals available for those planning to seek the sun elsewhere.

Alternatively, you could always pick yourself up some new warmer clothes. After all, most stores will be preparing to bring in their Spring stock and that means just one thing — SALE!

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