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As someone who self-identifies as a geek, I completely understand just how difficult it can be shopping for one. We kind of have a tendency to be somewhat lacking in communication skills yet at the same time very particular about the things we like, which makes the already frustrating process of gift buying all the more complicated. I mean, I can only hide the look of disappointment on my face so much when I unwrap a present to find the original Nintendo Wii Remote instead of the Wii Remote Plus. So, that said, here’s a short list of some surefire gifts to get for the geek in your life, each priced at £100 or less. Steam — Yes, I just wrote about this last time around, but I cannot emphasize this enough: GET STEAM. With retail outlets steadily phasing out their PC gaming sections, Steam has become the premier method for purchasing and distributing computer games. And with sales constantly going on (and the annual Christmas/New Year sales coming up), you’re sure to find some of the best offers available online. Some specific titles you may want to consider (and their retail, non-sale prices): Civilization V (£39.99), Call of Duty: Black Ops (£39.99), Metro 2033 (£19.99), Left 4 Dead 2 (£14.99)

Apple iPod Shuffle
— A return to the form factor of the Shuffle of two generations ago, the current one is smaller than ever and also sees the comeback of its buttons. Though some will undoubtedly miss the presence of a display on their mp3 player, the low price (£39) and sufficient storage (2 GB) make it a viable alternative one to use on the go or at the gym. Just be careful that it doesn’t get misplaced. As an owner myself, I can tell you from firsthand experience that searching for a lost Shuffle is a bit like looking for a needle in a haystack, due to its miniscule size.

iPad Bluetooth Keyboard Case — Despite what Apple may have you believe, that iPad of yours isn’t anywhere near being the netbook killer they would have it be and that, in large part, stems from the fact that it lacks a keyboard. So, how to fix that problem? Add a keyboard. It just so happens that this one triples as both a case and a stand, making it an even more convenient purchase as well. I mean, if nothing else, it’s cheaper than purchasing a Macbook Air, right? £69.95 from Amazon.

Razer Naga Gaming Mouse
— While gamers might be lacking in some of the subtleties of social interaction that ‘normal’ people possess, what they understand just as well as anyone else is that bragging about how your possessions are better than others’ is far more fun than it should be. At £62.69, the Razer Naga is admittedly quite pricey for a simple mouse. However, with 17 buttons, each programmable to different functions and a 5600 dpi movement resolution, you’ll be sure to have the biggest e-[edited out because this is a family site].

I was also going to suggest a GPS but we all know geeks don’t leave the house. Kidding. Kind of. I think. I just set our cause back like 20 years with this post.

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