Something to Cheer Up the Birthday Blues


By The Man About Town

If being cold, poor and wet in January wasn’t enough, there is one other depressing factor I have to contend with; my birthday is at the beginning of February which means it’s another year older, another year larger and another year greyer. But, if you can’t pick yourself up from the winter and imminent middle age approaching blues then what the hell can I do, eh? How does anyone cheer themselves up when things are feeling a bit gloomy? If you know, please pass it on as I could use some tips! Personally, I tend to book a holiday whichis  always a good call; I also try to get fit as it does actually make you feel so much better and, finally, I try to buy myself something I’ve always wanted. I know I’m meant to tell you how to save money but I always think that if there is something you’ve wanted for ages and you know that it will get loads of use, then it’s worth buying. Anyway, it’ll make you feel better about yourself and motivate you to do other things like get fit.

So, what’s top of my own birthday present wish list this year? I’m going to whatever is the best value in the sales — that way I can feel good about having it and make a big saving at the same time.

  1. A new 3 wood: I’ve been thinking about getting one for ages and used a Taylor Made one recently that I liked. You need to try these out first and I have but here are some options; Taylor Made 3 Wood with Online Golf or Titleist 910 F with which was recommended to me by a comment from one of our readers and is actually probably the best place to go for all your golfing needs.
  2. An iPad 2: I’m told by Savoo’s tech wizard that you have to go 3g and you have to wait untilthe next one comes out but I’m not sure I can wait that long, so if you want a new one I would go to ebuyer which regularly has good deals on tech items. Alternatively, you could go to Amazon because it consistently competes well.
  3. Some new shoes: There’s a great sale on at Mr Porter at the moment for clothes, accessories and shoes. Normally I couldn’t afford most of the gear on that site but right now you can get up to 70% off some items which is a great deal.
  4. A new watch — it’s been two years since I gave the watch the ex had given me to a child in Indonesia in a moment of drunken stupidity and this year I am going to change that. But watches are as close to jewellery for men as you can get and that’s not cheap if you want a nice one. You could go second hand and there’s no shame in that but I want a new one. If you agree then have a look at the Watch Shop UK where you can save up to 70% at the moment and save an extra 5% on Kenneth Cole watches.

That’s about it for me in terms of the birthday wish list to cheer me up as I get older and not wiser! If anyone is feeling generous then please feel free to purchase any of the above for my birthday and send it to me at the Savoo address!

But on a serious note, I want to say that although we all love saving money and getting a good deal on all the things we have to spend money on, we’re not averse to spending when we have to. Our mantra is save when you can save and spend when you want to spend. Of course, saving when you spend is the best of both worlds!

PS — Don’t forget to check out the Gabby Logan show on Channel 5 this coming Friday as our very own Simon Bird — the Savoo GM — will be featured offering his advice and tips on how to use coupons and online voucher codes.

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