The Beatles Hit iTunes, Everyone is Apathetic


When news that Apple had a big announcement in store broke, fans of the company had rather high expectations. Some were expecting news of an iOS 4.2 update, while others had hopes of hearing about iTunes Cloud Streaming. It’s understandable then, that all that waiting only to hear that The Beatles’ album collection would be available on iTunes came as something of a disappointment, to say the least. Although it’s true that the news was something of a landmark, as this marks the first time that The Beatles have officially ventured into the digital age, even the most ardent supports of the band could do nothing but shrug their shoulders. After all, it’s likely that anyone who wants to listen to the Beatles already owns their albums at this point, seeing as how they’ve been available for literally decades.

Furthermore, the price point at which their albums have been set is a bit ridiculous, to say the least. For years, you’ve been able to purchase their albums from stores like, for a relatively low £8.95. Combined that with the various discount codes that are always available, and it makes the iTunes price of £17.99 for an album seem even more absurd.

Still, all shameless promotion of our voucher codes aside, this does admittedly make it easier to expose the music of The Beatles to a whole generation of children and teens who have been raised in front of their computer monitors. Even as a relatively young adult, my own physical musical collection has largely been supplanted by a digital counterpart over the year, which makes this move from The Beatles more than just a bit overdue.

It would’ve been nice to have gotten something, anything about iOS 4.2 though.

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