There is a digital photo frame to suit every family member


Digital cameras and camera phones are commonplace in most homes, meaning the exciting days of taking your photograph films to be processed then showing friends and family are over. Unfortunately, this often results in the pictures just being saved to a computer and forgotten about – very few of us print the images out and put them in an album. Digital photograph frames are today’s version of albums but they’re even more convenient and social. Visitors to a home can relive and share memories, sometimes when they least expect it if a particular picture pops up in the slideshow whilst they are having a cup of tea and a chat. Many frames come with a remote control so they’re also great for inviting loved ones round for a social screening of the Christmas or holiday snaps.  

Digital photo frames have gone down in price over the past couple of years so they’re a great Christmas gift for people of all ages. Different sizes and key features will suit various friends and members of your family so if you’re not sure which digital photo frame to opt for, here are some tips to help you on your way. Proud Nan and Grandpa

A larger screen might be best for Nan and Grandpa so they can see their cherished grandchildren, even without their glasses on! Choosing one with an internal memory means you can upload it with all their favourite pictures for them. Look out for a video playback option to share that special Christmas morning footage with them, even if they’re far away.
The Jessops 10.4″ Slimline Digital Photograph Frame also has a clock function so it would be ideal for the Grandparents’ mantelpiece. As the screen is quite big it also has a multi image function meaning the whole family can be on show even if they’re not in the same photo. Currently you can save 15% on all frames with Savoo’s Jessops voucher.

Hardworking Dad

Dads who spend time at a desk for their work will love a smart frame for the office. He can take down the old photos pinned to the board and instead view a slide show of his friends and family right in front of him. Search for a frame that can display multiple photos so if the slideshow becomes distracting, Dad can look at stills of all the family.

The silver and black Motorola LS 720D Duo has a duel 7″ display and is great for the smaller office because it’s wall mountable. For Dad’s who like a little background music it has a built in MP3 player and for the forgetful ones it has an automatic power save function. Save 30% on photo frames at Marks and Spencer at the moment and if you have a few things to buy, get free delivery with orders over £150 with Savoo’s Marks and Spencer voucher.

Busy Mum

Many Mums spend a lot of time rushing around and the kitchen is often a hub of activity for all the family, from making and eating meals to the more tedious washing-up. Keep an eye out for a battery powered frame to avoid dangerous trailing wires, a waterproof one for the window sill or a magnetic one to put on the fridge.

The magnetic 2.4″ frame from Jessops helps to give a finishing touch to any fridge and all the family can enjoy shared memories every time they open the door for a drink or snack. The built in calendar is a handy accessory for the kitchen too and the rechargeable battery with an off timer function makes it easy to always display your favourite moments. Savoo’s Jessops voucher gives you 15% off all digital photo frames.

Social Teens and Twentysomethings

Some frames are compatible with social networking sites and other online photo galleries, making them great for anyone who already loves to photoshare. A busy social life means lots of photos but finding the time to upload them all can be tricky so look out for models that allow you to upload photos straight from a phone, either by email or Bluetooth.

The 7″ Kodak Pulse has stylish silver edging on the frame and has rounded corners for a chic retro look. There is no time-consuming set up and it’s easy to share on the go by emailing photos direct to the frame from a mobile phone or see online photos instantly by synching to Facebook. Currently there is £30 off this frame at Kodak’s Online Shop or save £10 with a £40 plus spend or £25 on £90 plus spend with Savoo’s Kodak code.

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