Will Apple’s iPhone 5 Launch Worldwide on October 21st?


After months of speculation and a dogged silence by Apple, the unofficial word is that the highly-anticipated, much-hyped Apple iPhone 5 could be available in stores worldwide on October 21st.

The predicted release date comes after an anonymous employee from electronics chain Best Buy, sent a screenshot to US blogger Chris Ziegler. Apparently taken from an email that had been sent to American Best Buy employees, the message requests that a manager be present at 6am on October 21st to install a ‘large Apple fixture’ on the big screens throughout the store.
The same anonymous employee also tells of a scheduled manager’s meeting for October 10th to discuss upcoming big releases – a similar meeting held just days before the release of the iPhone 4 last year.

Notoriously secret on any launch, an Apple spokesman said, “We are not commenting on rumours or speculation”. However, gossip has been increasing over recent weeks that the launch will be sometime in October this year and dedicated Apple fans have insisted the rumours and ‘leaks’ are all true.

Apple will, of course, play it close to their chest until they are good and ready to make the official announcement, with the current lack of official word indicating that late October is looking more and more likely.

Will it live up to the hype? With Android rivals like the Samsung Galaxy S II already way faster than the iPhone 4 – and a fraction of the cost – you can only hope that the iPhone 5 will be worth all the media attention and gossip surrounding it. So, who’ll be first in line to buy it?

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