Savoo Community® is all about community. We wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for our community. We rely on our members to keep the® community active, vibrant, respectful, and relevant. Here are some guidelines to help you understand what it means to be a member of the® community.

Submit deals. User submitted deals are the heart of® so the more, the merrier. If you know how to save someone a buck, submit away, but please mind the few restrictions for deals that we allow:

  • Must be genuinely beneficial to your fellow community members
  • Must be an actual deal with verifiable savings (money off, percent off, sale price)
  • Must be an original/new deal not currently on our site
  • Must be for UK based stores or websites only. If you have a US deal, feel free to submit it to our sister site,
  • URLs may not contain affiliate links
  • Voucher codes may not be referral codes that monetarily benefit the submitter
  • May not contain any inappropriate or offensive content
  • No spam allowed
  • Spam includes deals stuffed with keywords, deals written all in caps, deals containing HTML in the description, and deals that provide no value to the community.


Ask questions. For some, online shopping can be an overwhelming experience…especially if you’re looking for the best possible deal. Luckily, you have the opportunity to ask our community of money-saving experts your shopping and saving questions before you make your purchase. To make the most of® Answers, please only ask questions that are:

  • Shopping and saving related
  • Genuine questions, not questions posed to promote your company or business
  • Free and clear of links of any sort

Answer questions. If you’re knowledgeable about saving money on anything from diapers and surfboards to wine and portable external hard drives with triple interface, we’d love for you to share your mad saving skills by answering questions posed by your fellow community members. There are a few guidelines to keep in mind though. Your answers (and links submitted along with those answers) must be:

  • Relevant to the question posed
  • Appropriate for all audiences
  • Free and clear of spam in the form of excessive keywords and links
  • In the best interest of the person asking the question, not yours (no affiliate or referral links that result in monetary gain for you)
  • Respectful of the person who asked the question and the people who may have contributed answers before you

Vote for deals. By voting for deals, you’re helping the best deals on our site gain visibility. It helps your fellow community members find the best deals more quickly and easily, so vote for deals that you think will provide value to the other members of the coupon-using community.

Give Feedback. We warmly welcome comments on our blog posts and any deal on the site. Use the opportunity to comment on the blog to share your opinion or to share more information on a topic. Comment on coupons to share your experience using the deal, special instructions to activate it, or to let others know about restrictions. You can also address concerns, ask questions, or offer suggestions by clicking on Contact Us.

Feel free to leave constructive comments about merchants on the site, but please avoid using the comment section as your own personal soapbox. Contact the store’s customer care department directly to give them your feedback.

And please don’t write comments containing anything you wouldn’t want your 10-year-old nephew or your grandmother to read or see.

Keep it Pure and Simple.  We want to provide the best user experience for our community, so please don’t muck things up by creating multiple user accounts, spamming our site with deals that don’t meet our standards (see above for restrictions), adding links to your website, or by otherwise trying to game the system.

If you violate any of our community guidelines, we’ll give you the benefit of the doubt the first time, but if future infractions occur, we reserve the right to terminate your account without notice.

For more information on using®, please refer to our Terms of Service. For any questions or comments, please visit our Contact Us page to send us a note.