About DealPros


The way people shop is changing – why pay the full price when you can go online, purchase what you want, make a saving and then have that item delivered to you? But the Internet is a big place and there is a lot of choice so it can be hard to find the best vouchers or deals. This is where Savoo.co.uk wants to help. Savoo wants to create a network of savvy shoppers who can help each other to find the best online deal for everything you are looking for. It could be fashion, technology, DIY or just everyday grocery items.

Our Mission

Savoo wants to help the UK save over £1 billion. That sounds like a lot but Savoo believes that by creating this online community of experts we can get there sooner rather than later. We call this community of expert shoppers ‘DealPros’.

DealPros at a Glance

• A DealPro is at the heart of the Savoo.co.uk community, working with the team to make the UK consumer have a more complete online shopping experience.

• A DealPro is someone who knows what they’re talking about and is passionate and knowledgeable about helping people be savvier with their money.

• A DealPro is more than likely a blogger who can use the infrastructure and technology on offer at Savoo to better their blog.

• A DealPro’s blog content can be syndicated to the Savoo blog, helping raise the DealPro’s profile to a wider audience.

• DealPros are selected and recognised on Savoo.co.uk, in media and within the wider community for making valuable contributions that help people save money.

Savoo.co.uk believes in the power of a DealPro community – that together we are more effective and helpful to consumers than any one of us is individually.

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