7 cheap alternatives to restaurant favourites

Cheap recipes for restaurant dishes

We all love tucking into our favourite grub – whether you’re a fiend for the ambience of eating at a restaurant or prefer to stay faithful to your local takeaway menu you now know off by heart. Juicy chicken pitta from Nando’s (don’t forget the peri-naise), deep pan stuffed crust from Pizza Hut, and authentic […]


Does Muscle Food’s ‘Do the Unthinkable’ plan work?

Muscle Food Do the Unthinkable health diet food hamper

There are tons of diets and programmes out there that promise to get you in shape. But, we all know how easy it is to lose motivation and give up before you really get going. To try and find a plan which actually works, we decided to try Muscle Food’s latest fitness and food system […]


Does the Bodychef Detox Diet really work?

Detox diet

Ahhh January…the month of alcohol abstinence, determination to keep New Year’s resolutions, erratic exercise regimes and attempted diets. What a wonderful time of year. Usually by this point, I’d be the one to have failed at Dry January and spent the weekend in PJs eating hobnobs whilst engaging in a deep and meaningful relationship with […]


The Exante Diet Review – does it really work?


This is mum – aka Karen. She’s 54 years young and has been on a diet for, well, as long as I can remember. We’re talking low carb, low sugar, no dairy, no fun. You know the sort. And whilst many of these fad diets help shift a few pounds in the short term, the […]


Six Cheap Recipes for Cupboard Leftovers

Payday is tantalisingly close now, and until then I’m simply hanging on and trying to eat everything left in the flat. Doing a big food shop during the last week of the month is out of the question, so dinnertime becomes a battle to create something even vaguely appetising out of fridge leftovers (crisp sandwich […]

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