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Stuff We Like

21 free things to do this Easter weekend

Savoo Easter banner

There’s only a couple of days left until the well-deserved four day weekend is here. And if your Easter weekend is shaping up to be anything like ours, yours is going to be full of gorging on chocolate, family fun egg hunts, and spending time with family. This year the double header bank holiday weekend […]

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My1stYears Review

my 1st years personalised childrens stuffed toys

When it comes to buying toys, clothing and comforts for your baby the choice is almost endless. From cotton blankets to muslins, bibs and pram liners, it can be all too overwhelming for new parents who simply want the best for their child. Plus, with so many retailers promising premium quality and sheer choice, finding […]

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Does Muscle Food’s ‘Do the Unthinkable’ plan work? | Savoo Reviews

Muscle Food Do the Unthinkable health diet food hamper

There are tons of diets and programmes out there that promise to get you in shape. But, we all know how easy it is to lose motivation and give up before you really get going. To try and find a plan which actually works, we decided to try Muscle Food’s latest fitness and food system […]

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How much money can you save going Sober for October?


It’s that time of year again where thousands of pub-goers – both eager and reluctant – are casting their beers aside in favour of a non-alcoholic tipple. The annual ‘Go Sober for October’ campaign was started in 2013 by Macmillan cancer support and has gathered pace every year since. 

Stuff We Like

Top Blenders Review – Blenders for Smoothies, Fresh Juices and Healthier Living

blenders review

If you aren’t sure what fruit and veg-blitzing blender is best for you, you’re in luck. We have selected some of the best selling blenders, juicers and smoothie makers on the market to test and review, and here we explain the pros and cons of each.

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