10 Outrageous Gifts for Celebrity Kids

Whilst most of us are still struggling with paying the bills every month, celebrities are splashing out hundreds of thousands of pounds on treehouses, art and even diamond nappy pins for their kids; here are the 10 most outrageous gifts. Jealous, us?

1) $100,000 treehouse for Suri Cruise

In 2011 Suri Cruise was presented with her very own $100,000 treehouse complete with running water, electricity, security cameras and shag carpeting. There are also rumours of a $7 million private jet for her seventh birthday.


2) $75,000 Arabian horse for Blue Ivy

Before she was even born, Blue Ivy was gifted with a $5,200 Swarovski crystal bath tub from pal Kelly Rowland. This was only beaten by her second birthday present, a full-bloodied Arabian pony costing a staggering $75,000.


3) $14,000 painting for Louis Bardo Bullock

Louis Bardo Bullock- Sandra Bullock’s son- apparently started appreciating art at any early age. For his first birthday he was given a $14,000 Andy Warhol painting… just what every child dreams of.

George Clooney and Sandra Bullock spotted in Venice

4) Diamond nappy pins for the Cannon twins

Mariah Carey wouldn’t let her kids poop in anything but the finest: Monroe and Moroccan Cannon were given diamond diaper pins when they were first born.


5) $187,000 playhouse for the Beckhams

Where did Brooklyn, Romeo and Cruz hang out when they were growing up? In a $187,000 dollar playhouse of course! Where else?


6) Lace Dress for North West

Kim Kardashian caused a stir when she dressed her daughter in a matching black lace Givenchy gown for Paris Fashion week. Poor little Nori doesn’t look too happy about it though.


7) $20,000 birthday party for Zahara Jolie-Pitt

We reckon the whole Jolie-Pitt clan is a probably little spoilt. When Zahara turned 7, Angelina Jolie reportedly shelled out $20,000 on a princess-themed bash.


8) $360,000 car for Justin Combs

What does P.Diddy’s kid get as a present for his 16th birthday? A $360,000 silver Maybach of course. Duh.


9) £1.3 million house for Zachary Furnish John

While most of us can only dream of affording our own home, Elton John and David Furnish’s son already had a £1.3 million pad from birth (next to his two daddies house of course!).


10) Burger Bar for Kai Rooney

Footballers are known for their lavish spending habits, and Wayne Rooney is no exception. He reportedly splashed out building on a burger bar at the bottom of the garden for his son Kai, which he called ‘Little Roo’s Diner’.


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  1. kat

    5 years ago

    Wow what a waste of money I’d invest it into a business when their older so they don’t rely on their parents for handouts! Crazy on wasted money :/ all for spoiling my kids but gees :/

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