12 Most Expensive Celebrity Engagement Rings

Celebrity engagement rings have to be flashy, sparkly and make a statement – they’re the most photographed piece of jewellery anyone could ever own, after all.

And it’s amazing how quickly a $1 million engagement ring can begin to look cheap in celebrity land… particularly when compared with a whopping $8.8 million sparkler!

Here we countdown the 12 most expensive engagement rings in showbiz- featuring diamond sparklers mere mortals like us can only dream of.

The 12 Most Expensive Celebrity Engagement Rings

12) Jennifer Aniston

$1 million 10 carat ring from Justin Theroux.


11) Katie Holmes

$1.5 million 5 carat ring from Tom Cruise.

Katie Homles

10) Ciara

$1.5 million 15 carat ring from Future.


9) Anna Kournikova

$2.5 million 11 carat ring from Enrique Iglesias.


8) Catherine Zeta Jones

$2.5 million 10 carat ring from Michael Douglas.


7) Blake Lively

$2.5 million 12 carat ring from Ryan Reynolds.


6) Melania Knauss

$3 million 15 carat ring from Donald Trump.


5) Jennifer Lopez

$4 million 8.5 carat ring from Marc Anthony.


4) Paris Hilton

$4.7 million 24 carat ring from Paris Latsis.


3) Beyoncé

$5 million 18 carat ring from Jay Z.

beyonce-wedding-ring - celebrity engagement rings

2) Kim Kardashian

Rumoured to be as much as $8 million, 15 carat ring from Kanye West.


1) Elizabeth Taylor

$8.8 million 33.19 carat ring from Richard Burton.

Elizabeth-Taylor - celebrity engagement rings

Ouch! These celebrity engagement rings certainly make a statement and with Elizabeth Taylor still topping the ‘most expensive’ list thanks to her incredible 33.19 carat ring from Richard Burton, today’s celebrities still have some catching up to do! Even the infamously flashy Kim and Kanye couldn’t quite pit the beautiful Liv to the top spot!

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Which is your favourite out of the above celebrity engagement rings? And do you think money spent correlates with style and class? If you’re proposing soon, we want to hear all about it!

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