13 ‘New Year, New You’ Life Hacks for a Healthy Body & Mind

As we throw ourselves into the new year with health-centric vigour and a determination to focus on detoxes, diets and exercise in a bid to undo all the indulgences of December, Savoo has put together suggestions for small daily changes that can make a big difference to the health of your body and mind in 2017, and beyond.

Let’s face it – maintaining a healthy body and mind isn’t always easy. In today’s fast paced and busy world where most of us are juggling work, family, finances and more, often we demote health and well-being to the bottom of our priority lists.

And because it’s unrealistic to expect all of those day to day demands to just disappear, we’ve put together a few simple life hacks you can instill to improve your daily routine a little bit day by day.

Oh, and they are all cheap or totally free. You can thank us later.



Argos have a great selection of wrist weights available for delivery or in store collection, and be sure to check out the Argos discount codes available at Savoo to help you save £££ before you place your order.

Keep hydrated


This is the best way we know how to make sure we’re drinking at least the minimum amount of water throughout the day.

Cut down on portion size


And once you’ve eaten dinner, have a large glass of water. Sometimes we confuse hunger for thirst and you’ll probably find the portion size was enough – your mind just takes a little while to register when you’re full, and water can help.

Motivation boost


Increase your vitamin intake


Don’t let dinner plans ruin your diet!


Keep your snacks to a minimum


Start an exercise bank


Take a moment to relax


Boost your metabolism while you sleep


Avoid junk food


Find inner peace (on the tube) and practise mindfulness

meditation and mindfulness

The best mindfulness app (based on a recent study) is Headspace. We’ve tried it, and we love it. The only danger is you missing your stop on the train because you’re too relaxed (yup I totally did this).

Ditch the gym fees

New year health

If you’re looking to accompany your exercise routine with protein, there’s no better time to buy as you can now get 25% off first orders over £25 at Myprotein.

Tell us your life hacks in the comments section below.

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  1. Dennis

    3 years ago

    Hey Amy, I love these ideas for the New Year. I actually got rid of my gym membership after getting the ios update with step tracking. Now I just use an app to track my workouts at home. It’s great!

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