13 Website Easter Eggs

Forget chocolate: hunt down these totally free website Easter eggs instead for all the satisfaction but none of the calories.

(Note: Easter eggs are hidden gems buried within the internet. Many of them involve dinosaurs, for inexplicable reasons).

1) Sneaky Spreadsheet

Sports gambling website Skybet.com has a handy little button on the top right of the page that turns the page into a fake excel spreadsheet if your boss walks past (it’s located above the Facebook button).


2) Jumping Dinosaur

Next time you’re using Chrome and your computer isn’t connected to the internet, wait for the T-Rex dinosaur to appear on an offline page. Press the space bar and you will activate an excellent little game.


3) He-Man

Visit the Black Acre Brewing website and click the “I’m under 21” option. You might not be old enough to drink, but you are old enough for He-Man (don’t forget to turn the sound up).

black acre brewing

4) My Little Pony

Bored on Google Hangouts? Type /ponystream into the message box and enjoy an endless stream of dancing My Little Ponies.


5) Nostalgia

Type “Google in 1998” into the search engine and you’ll be transported back in time to the early days of the internet.


6) Dr. Who

Fan of Dr. Who? Stand outside Earl’s Court Station in Google Street view and face the old-fashioned police phone box. By pressing the up arrow key you’ll be transported into the Tardis.


7) Sloths

Using the Konami Code (UP-UP-DOWN-DOWN-LEFT-RIGHT-LEFT-RIGHT-B-A) on a website can unlock Easter Eggs. For example, the Buzzfeed homepage is instantly overtaken by sloths.


8) Dinosaurs in hats

You can also use the Konami Code on the Vogue UK website for a parade of dinosaurs in hats (tip: keep on hitting A!)


9) Atari

Search “Atari Breakout” on Google images and you’ll be immersed in a highly addictive game of Atari.

atari breakout

10) Secret newsletter

At the bottom of the Kickstarter homepage, click the scissors item three times. You’ll be invited to sign up for a secret newsletter!


11) Zerg rush

Search “Zerg Rush” in Google and your screen will be overtaken by O’s. If you double click, your cursor turns into a plus sign. Click on the O’s and wipe them out, then share your high score on Google+.

zerg rush

12) Pterodactyl

One for the geeks here- The Oatmeal has a foul-mouthed pterodactyl hidden within its code. Right-click on the page and click “view source” to see it for yourself.


13) Barrel Roll

Finally, an old classic from Google- search Barrel Roll” and watch as your screen does a perfect 360.


Do you know any Easter eggs that we haven’t mentioned? Tell us in the comments section!

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