14 seriously sexy recipes you can whip up with your leftover Easter eggs

There’s something about eating chocolate shaped like an egg that’s just so damn fun and happy, which is just one of many reasons why Easter is pretty much the best holiday of the year – after Christmas and Pancake Day, obviously.

And, just in case you do get to that point where you’re rolling around in excess leftover Easter eggs because you’ve been utterly spoilt this year (or, more likely, you accidentally on purpose bulk bought about 17 because they were on offer at Tesco), here’s our favourite chocolate recipes.

Because a four-day weekend totally means you’re going to get bored of your own company and want something productive to do – like baking up a storm that’ll get you ALL the Instagram likes, you lucky thing, you.

  1. The toastie

Because who said you had to go all British with mature cheddar and a white loaf eh? This bad boy has marshmallows, chocolate, orange zest and cinnamon in. Come to mumma.

  1. The stuffed raspberries

Melt chocolate. Put into raspberry cores. Stick in freezer for a bit. And voila, a snack healthy enough to be part of a ‘diet’ come Monday. Good work.

  1. The muffin cookie

Why choose between the two? Cut up your leftovers and mix half with a basic cookie recipe and spoon into a cupcake wrapper and melt the other half as part of a muffin recipe and spoon in on top before popping on oven.

  1. The nachos

Get some tortilla wraps, cover in cinnamon and sugar, cut into triangles and bake in the oven ‘til crisp. Then add all these gloriously sexy toppings included dreamy, drippy melted choc. Mmm.

  1. The Tray Bake

Chocolate cake, in a tray. Easy. Add all leftover randoms including mini eggs, Terry’s Chocolate Orange and Lindt Dors. Then expect to gain approximately a stone.

  1. The cupcakes

Ok, so yeah, cupcakes are obvious. But have you ever seen ones garnished with baby Malteaser bunnies? Thought not.

  1. The milkshake

There’s Nesquik and then there’s this bad boy, which looks like he was sent straight from the gods. Mix melted loveliness with frothy milk and top with all the cream, marshmallows and caramel sauce.

  1. The pancakes

And probably the best pancakes you’ve ever seen in your life at that. Layer American-style pancakes with banana, then top with raspberries, desiccated coconut and an entire melted egg, because obviously. Brunch has never looked quite so naughty.

  1. The croissants

You could be all fancy and make your own, OR you could heat up some croissants in the oven and then dip them in a Nutella/melted Easter egg hybrid and then live happily ever after.

  1. The pizza

Standard pizza base with cinnamon. Melted chocolate and mini marshmallows whipped up in the oven. Because dinner doesn’t have to be savoury, nuh uh.

  1. The cheesecake

Which is, erm, double the height of any other cheesecake in the world. And adorned with melted chocolate and half a shop’s supply of Crème Eggs.  So much yes.

  1. The bacon

The perfect  Easter Sunday snack, no? So wrong, but so, so, so right.

  1. The brownie

Because sometimes, there are people out there who refuse to just go with the naughtiness and want a healthy brownie infused with quinoa. Those people are wrong. But y’know, whatever helps them sleep better at night.

  1. The cookie cake

Which is layered together with peanut butter and melted chocolate. Can’t go for a Victoria sponge every time, can you?

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