17 Healthy Food Swaps

No one likes being on a diet. It makes you miserable, hungry and enraged with the world (as summed up perfectly in this post by Hannah Gale).

But rather than cutting out all the tasty food in your life, try out these 17 easy swaps which will reduce the calories but none of the flavour.

  1. Swap jacket potatoes for baked sweet potatoes: Sweet potatoes have a lower GI to help regulate blood sugar levels.
  2. Swap peanuts for edamame for a snack: Peanuts may be heart healthy but they also contain 200 calories per ¼ cup!
  3. Swap sour cream for Greek yoghurt: Greek yoghurt is high in protein, calcium and vitamin D12- and it tastes delicious with chilli con carne.
  4. Swap salad dressing for olive oil and balsamic vinegar: Ditch the pre-made stuff for heart-healthy olive oil.
  5. Swap bagels for English muffins: English muffins have lower calories and more fibre than bagels. And they are just as delicious for breakfast.
  6. Swap couscous for quinoa: Couscous is a great snack in itself, but superfood quinoa trumps it when it comes to nutrients.
  7. Swap streaky bacon for back bacon: Leaner cuts of meat are better for the waistline.
  8. Swap cereal for porridge: Porridge is a good source of slow-release energy to keep you going until lunchtime.
  9. Swap iceberg lettuce for spinach: Spinach is a superfood loaded with nutrients in a low calorie package, and is recognised for its antioxidant properties.
  10. Swap milk chocolate for dark chocolate: Milk chocolate contains less of the original cocoa bean than dark chocolate does.
  11. Swap lattes for Americanos: A single black American contains very few calories, whilst lattes are mostly milk. And you’ll still get your caffeine fix!
  12. Skip a yolk: Skip just 1 yolk from your 2 egg omelette and reduce the calorie and fat content significantly.
  13. Swap crisps for popcorn: Just watch out for added sugar and salt. Maybe try making your own?
  14. Swap mashed potatoes for mashed cauliflower– Not only do you end up with less calories, but the benefits include a healthy dose of fibre and vitamins.
  15. Swap crisps for kale chips: Benefit from kale’s high iron, potassium and vitamin A content whilst watching your waistline!
  16. Swap croutons for nuts: Croutons can be high in fat and calories so try adding crunch to your salad with nuts, which are high in protein.
  17. Swap pasta for polenta: Polenta is gluten free and goes perfectly with all the classic pasta toppings.

Which food swap will you be trying?

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