18 things that happen when you’re waiting for payday

It’s been weeks since you last got paid and everyone seems to be selfishly having their birthday this month or getting engaged. You’ve run out of money and you’re not sure how you’ll survive until payday. Here are 18 things that are probably happening to you right now.

1) You realise you’ve got a week left until payday


2) Dinner is whatever’s at the back of your freezer


3) … Or just pasta. Mounds of pasta


4) You’ve made numerous trips home to scrounge off your parents


5) … And returned laden down with bread, toilet roll and chicken


6) You start getting competitive with your friends about the state of your bank account


7) You’ve considered selling your belongings on eBay… but realise no one is going to want your crap anyway.


8) Getting a payday loan also seems like a good idea… 5000% APR ? Sure!


9) You’ve drunk that dodgy liqueur your flatmate bought back from Spain


10) … Just to make staying in on Friday night little less depressing


11) You count up the coppers at the bottom of your bag


12) … And are only a tiny bit ashamed handing over pennies for a cup of coffee


13) You no longer check your bank account for fear of having a heart attack


14) … And develop a reckless attitude to spending because YOU DESERVE IT


15) You consider switching bank accounts to take advantage of the cash incentives


16) … And promise yourself that next month you follow a strict budget


17) Then payday comes and ALL THE THINGS.


18) But pretty swiftly your balance looks like this again.

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