8 Easy Recipes for Halloween

Puking pumpkins, blood orange martinis and a lethal “shrunken head” cider punch… who says Halloween parties are just for kids? Here are our favourite easy recipes for your spooky party, including a bonus pumpkin beer cooler.

Puking Pumpkin

Disgusting food is vitally important to any good Halloween party. A pumpkin puking green stuff is pretty gross, but when the green stuff turns out to be guacamole you know everyone will get stuck in. Recipe here.


Eye of Newt

Deviled eggs made to look like lizard eyeballs. What isn’t there to love about this? Recipe here.


Mummy Dogs

Wrap up a hot dog in true mummy fashion with this Martha Stewart recipe. Once cooled, add mustard eyes to make the sausages look like tiny little mummified people.


Shrunken Heads Punch

Guaranteed to get your guests drunk (with a tantalising combination of rum and cider), this “shrunken heads” punch both looks and tastes great. Recipe here.


Blood Orange Martinis

Want something a bit more sophisticated than punch with bobbing shrunken heads? You need these blood orange martinis. The Vitamin C basically makes them one of your five a day.

024 blood orange martini

Witches Brooms

To make these witches brooms you literally need three ingredients: string cheese, pretzels and fresh chives. Boom, Halloween snacks on a budget! Recipe here.


Toffee Apples

Throwback to your childhood with some retro homemade toffee apples. Making them is almost as fun as eating them.


Pumpkin Beer Cooler

Now let’s finish on a high with the best drinks cooler ever: Martha Stewart, we salute you.


What are you making for your Halloween party?

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