7 VERY unexpected bills

Ever received a credit card statement much higher than you were expecting, or looked at your bank balance and wondered where you spent your money? Well spare a thought for these seven people, who were hit with some truly astonishing  bills which took them completely by surprise.

£115,000 break-up

A single mum from Australia who turned down an older man’s offer of marriage received an itemised £115,000 bill for everything he has ever spent on her.

Marie says she was never romantically involved with 65 year old Bruce, but he claimed she played on his emotions to manipulate him into paying for Zumba classes, shopping trips and cosmetic surgery.


£900 on Farmville

Did you ever get stuck playing Farmville for hours without quite understanding why? Us too. But at least we didn’t get a £900 bill as a result, unlike one unfortunate mum.

Her 12 year old son blew his £288 savings and £625 on her credit card buying extra game features… and both Facebook and developers Zynga refuse to give her a refund.


£16 on an unattended birthday party

After five year old Alex failed to turn up to a classmate’s birthday party, he had a £15.95 invoice put in his schoolbag- much to the shock of his father Derek.

Derek originally confirmed that Alex would be attending the party at Plymouth’s Ski Slope and Snowboard Centre, but forgot he had already arranged a daytrip with Alex’s grandparents. Despite Alex being a no-show, Derek refused to pay the bill, and the birthday boy’s parents have threatened to take the case to court.


£20,000 mobile phone bill

We’ve all been stung by roaming charges when abroad, but not quite as much as a British holidaymaker who racked up a £20,000 phone bill in Turkey.

Mum of two Helen used her internet to upload holiday pictures to Facebook, and returned home to monthly repayments of £3,000. After a national newspaper contacted Orange they agreed to cut the bill to £875 because of ‘exceptional circumstances’ (we assume extreme stupidity is considered an exceptional circumstance).


$1,200 on Wi-Fi

Inflight Wi-Fi is a wonderful thing, until you get charged $1,171.46 like one Singapore Airlines passenger.

The man claims that the bill came from ordinary internet use like sending emails and uploading documents, but he was stung by the measly 30MB data limit of the $28.99 sign-on fee.


$3,750 bottle of wine

An unimpressed diner at the Borgata Casino in Atlantic City was shocked to find that his bottle of wine came with a $3,750 price tag.

Apparently it was the fault of the waitress, who recommended a bottle of 2011 Screaming Eagle for “thirty-seven fifty”. Joe said he was misled and disputed the charges, and the restaurant eventually settled at $2,200.


$1 million birth

A couple were stuck with a $950,000 medical bill after going into labour nine weeks early on holiday, which their insurance company refused to cover.

Jennifer and her partner purchased Blue Cross travel insurance for their trip to Hawaii, but unexpectedly gave birth just two days into the vacation. After six weeks of bed rest and the baby’s two months in intensive care, Blue Cross refused to pay the $1 million healthcare costs because her pregnancy was “high risk”.

The couple have a healthy baby, but now face the choice of fighting Blue Cross or declaring bankruptcy.


Have you ever been faced with an unexpected bill? Let us know!

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