9 Best Delivery Notes of All Time

Nothing grinds our gears more than those red ‘sorry you were out’ cards posted through the letter box instead of our long awaited shoes from ASOS.

But it’s not all bad: here are Savoo’s favourite delivery notes of all time, proving that postmen sometimes have a great sense of humour- even the workshy, lazy bastards (not our words, see number nine!).

  1. Stuck on Roof, Sorry



NB. To add insult to injury, poor Benjamin Ward was then asked by the myHermes customer service team to send them the 16 digit tracking number… located under the label. Good one.

Source: Buzzfeed

  1. Number of items: 1 chicken


Source: Daily Edge

  1. Rabbits in the road


Source: The Poke

  1. Arachnophobe


Source: Daily Mail

  1. Love Derek

dsEZJ (1)

Source: Imgur

  1. The postman guessed right


Source: Imgur

  1. Safety first


Source: Blogpost

  1. Sh*t just got serious


Source: Daily Mail

  1. Workshy, lazy bastard


Source: The Poke

Have you ever received a funny delivery note from a postie? Let us know!

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  1. Bryson

    3 years ago

    Dude, right on there breorth.

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