A user name Joey.Essex has been used on Savoo.co.uk in an attempt to buy a higher IQ

Well known voucher code site Savoo.co.uk has revealed that last night there was a search in the “students and education” search tab for a “higher IQ” by a user named Joey Essex.
Ed Fleming spokesperson for Savoo.co.uk has commented:
“Joey is infamous now for his foolish comments and shocked many of us earlier this year when it was revealed that he couldn’t tell the time. But this is pretty ridiculous even for him. Of course, we cannot say for certain that it was the Joey Essex that we see on the screens, but it certainly fits the bill!”
It isn’t the first time that the user name Joey.Essex has been noticed on site. In the past he has used vouchers for teeth whitening, as well as male make-up and tanning sessions.
Ed comments:
“Well nobody has teeth brighter than the sun without a little help. If it is the real Joey Essex, he is proving that even when you are famous, you can still look “reem” on a budget!”

*Yes, in case you were wondering, this is an April Fool’s joke! We love you really Joey!

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