Alcohol Free Lent- what to drink when you’re not drinking

When I told everyone in the Savoo office that I was considering giving up alcohol for Lent, I was met with a sea of incredulous faces. Responses ultimately boiled down to one question: “WHY?”

It has to be said that the prospect of 40 days and 40 nights without a single glass of wine is a bit of a daunting prospect. But not being blessed in the height department and of diminutive stature, I’m not exactly a big drinker anyway- after one bottle of beer I’m known to get giggly and by the third, I’m well on the way to drunk (what you might call a cheap date).

And since I’m on a money-saving mission, quitting the booze can only do my wallet and my liver some good. After all, mums-to-be give up alcohol for a whopping 40 weeks, so I really have no cause for complaint!

So, with my first alcohol-free weekend coming up I’m asking the question: what to drink when you’re not drinking? Item number 1: mocktails! Pregnant ladies and non-drinkers get involved- I want to hear your ideas.

My favourite mocktail recipes
All of the cocktails below are alcohol-free and made with fresh ingredients- Savoo has a number of supermarket discount codes at the moment which is ideal when you’re shopping for ingredients.
Virgin Mary

This virgin cocktail is packed full of flavour and enough vitamin C to make you feel suitably healthy and smug.

Spicy Raspberry Lemon Cooler

The addition of ginger beer to this mocktail gives it a punchy kick.

Virgin Grapefruit Mojito

You will require a cocktail shaker for this one!

Strawberry Rouge
Consider this a fruit juice recipe for grown-ups, with strawberries and a vinegar and pineapple kick.

So there we have it, 4 mocktail ideas for an alcohol-free treat. Wish me luck on my first alcohol-free weekend; I’ll let you know how much money I save!

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