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On Thursday 7th January I was invited to visit the PDSA hospital in Bow, London, to see what goes on behind the scenes, and to learn a little more about the fantastic work the PDSA charity does to help pets and owners who’re living below the breadline.

What the PDSA charity does

PDSA exists to provide free veterinary services to sick and injured animals. This free support ensures that the many pet owners in receipt of housing, council tax or pension credits can adequately care for their furry friends. The PDSA charity also works tirelessly to promote responsible pet ownership – however big or small your new addition is!

PDSA charity rabbit and duck

We’re a nation of pet lovers…

…but unfortunately not everyone can afford the often expensive vaccines and treatment pets need to keep them top of their game.

Did you know that 52% of UK households own a pet?

That means… PDSA charity pet stats

Every year at PDSA, over 300 vets and 600 nursing staff treat over 470,000 pets in 51 PDSA Pet Hospitals throughout the UK. We think that’s pretty darn impressive. Especially seeing as PDSA relies entirely on donations and receives no government funding.

How their work is made possible

The sense of community surrounding PDSA hospitals is overwhelming. During my visit I learnt that a group of elderly ladies frequently donate food vouchers to the PDSA charity in Bow; bought using the winnings from their weekly card games. And another lady knits blankets for the hospital which are sold on for £3.

It’s always about giving whatever you can.

There are also 140 shops dedicated to recycling and reselling donated items – the proceeds of which help fund the PDSA charity.

Legacy donations are also vitally important to PDSA’s survival. When people leave a gift to PDSA in their Will, they are helping the pet charity continue their life saving work.

Anyone can donate to the PDSA charity when they visit and the best bit is, we’re actually donating on your behalf – so you could call it a free donation. Simply choose PDSA from the charity directory and then use the Savoo search engine as you would Google and we’ll donate 1p for every search. Or download a free voucher code to save on your shopping and Savoo will donate 50% of their commission.

This video explains how the Savoo Search Save and Raise platform works.

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