Bright Gym Wear for January: Tops

Working up the motivation to go to the gym is difficult- that’s why we need stylish gym wear to make it a little more interesting.

At Savoo we have looked off the beaten path to find the boldest, brightest and most colourful workout clothes for 2015, to inspire you to get moving.

Here we present our favourite tops, vests and sports bras from across the web- let us know which is your favourite!


1) Floral Crop Top, £14 from Next
2) Nike Signal Mezzo Vest, £10 from JD Sports
3) Sirsha 2 in 1 Vest, £60 from Sweaty Betty
4) G90 Stripe and Mesh Back, £28 from Nike
5) Printed Racer Bra, £15 from Adidas
6) Nike Victory Spot Gym Bra, £26 from ASOS
7) New York Print Tank Dress, £16.50 from Adidas

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