Brit’s blasé about politics

With only 36% of people reported to have voted in the recent local elections, Savoo questioned 2,000 Brits to find out how much money they would pay to see their political party get into power. The results might surprise you; not only would most Brits not pay a penny for political victory, but under 35’s care more about who wins the world cup than who runs the country.

85% of Brits care little for politics

Despite the internet being awash with seemingly strong opinions about UKIP (demonstrated nicely by this post), British people seem rather blasé about actually getting involved in politics- beyond sending angry tweets. According to our research, nearly 85% of people would not fork out a penny to guarantee their political party gets into power.

Of the remaining 15% of people who would pay to get their chosen party in power, the average spend was just £234. And whilst men pledge an average £402 towards their political victory, women are a lot less generous at just £90. Of all the cities in the UK, Mancunians are most politically minded with an average pledge of £578- well done Manchester!

But most astonishing is the attitude of people in their twenties and early thirties towards the government. The World Cup kicks off in just two weeks’ time, and under 35’s say they would pay more money to see England team win than they would on politics- with an average spend of £225 on an England victory compared with £160.

So with the World Cup clearly at the forefront of our minds, what else would we Brits do to see England take the crown?

Men sacrifice more for the World Cup

According to our research, people in the UK would spend an average of £143 to see England to win the World Cup, with 25-34 year olds paying the most (£289) and the over 55s the least (£105).

Unsurprisingly men are more eager than women to see our team victorious next month; £199 is the average figure pledged by the male population for a guaranteed England win, compared with £98 from women.

Men are also more likely to put themselves out to ensure that the Wold Cup gets played on TV, with popular sacrifices for the remote including doing household tasks and splashing out on treats- although they are less keen to walk the dog or look after the kids!

When it comes to celebrity sofa buddies politicians get the rough end of the deal, with David Cameron and Ed Miliband named as the worst people to watch the game with. Cheryl Cole came out as our favourite World Cup companion (ironic considering Ashley Cole’s snub), followed by football legend David Beckham.

Blasé or simply savvy?

But despite the £143 average pledge from the football fans, a massive 86% of survey respondents would pay nothing at all to see England win the world cup. Which leaves us wondering if the UK is either completely blasé about both politics and sport, or if people are just worried about their personal finances. What do you think? Would you pay to see your political party get into power or for an England win? Let us know!

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