Savoo’s March Competition – which charity will win £500?

March charity competition

It’s the final week of the March Charity Competition and we’re giving away £500 to the charity that gains the most supporters this week.

To help your chosen charity win £500 this week, all you need to do is sign up as a supporter to one of the three charities below by Monday 27th and start searching, saving and raising at

We asked each of our charities – how would £500 help your cause?


AbleChildAfrica is the leading UK charity working exclusively with and for disabled children in Africa, some of the most vulnerable children in the world. We are working towards a world in which all disabled children are fully included as equal members of society and are able to achieve their full potential.

We work with local organisations on the ground in Kenya, Rwanda, Uganda and Tanzania to deliver direct services – things like education, healthcare, sports and livelihood opportunities  for children and youth that don’t always get out of the house without our support.

£500 will help ensure that we can continue to respond to the needs of disabled children, their families and the communities they live in. Just last year alone, we reached over 8,500 children and have ambitious plans to double that in the next 2 years. . Every single pound enables us to continue breaking down the barriers faced by disabled children in Africa and continue providing some of the world’s most vulnerable children with a safer and more secure future.

Support AbleChildAfrica today and help us to continue transforming more disabled children’s lives in Africa.

Hop, Skip & Jump

Hop, Skip & Jump provides respite daycare for children and young adults with disabilities and additional needs. We have centres in the Cotswolds, Bristol, Swindon, Wigan and Horsham, each of which comes with outdoor play equipment, indoor soft play, light & dark sensory rooms, art and music equipment and a wet room. The strain of looking after a child with additional or complex needs causes huge problems for thousands of families across the UK. Our centres provide parents and carers with the opportunity to have some valuable time off from the responsibilities of full-time care, safe in the knowledge that their child is being well looked after in a safe, secure environment.

We would use the £500 gift to fund better equipment for our light and dark sensory rooms, allowing us to enhance the sense of wonder and fun children get when they play in the sensory rooms at our centres.

Support Hop, Skip & Jump today and help them win £500 this week.

Music and the Deaf

Music and the Deaf is the only UK charity entirely dedicated to providing access, education and opportunities in music for deaf children, young people and adults.

Through inclusive music workshops in schools, working with teachers, providing deaf awareness training, our signing choirs, talks and groundbreaking projects, we help those with a hearing loss access and enjoy the many benefits of music.

Music is crucial to a person’s development. It encourages inclusion, supports the development of communication and social skills, builds confidence, provides an outlet for self-expression, and reduces the sense of isolation that deaf young people can experience.

With £500, Music and the Deaf will be able to deliver two specialist workshops in schools for up to 30 children with a hearing loss, helping them to enjoy and make music together!

Please help support Music and the Deaf for free this week.

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