How to Cut the Cost of Moving House

SEPTEMBER is a busy month for moving house as the market property picks up after the summer slowdown. But as anyone in the process of upping sticks will know, moving to a new home does not come cheap.That said, while there are some costs that can’t be avoided – such as stamp duty, legal fees, the cost of a survey and estate agent commission – there are certain costs that can be trimmed back.

Here at Savoo we’ve compiled some top tips to help you move into your new place without breaking the bank.

Avoid commercial storage costs

If you’ve got a gap between selling your current pad and moving into your new one, or if you’re simply trying to get all the clutter out while viewings are taking place, you may need to put some belongings into storage. But rather than fork out for commercial storage which can put a hefty dent in your budget, why not find friends, family or local people who will rent you space. Alternatively, try sites such as and which allow you to rent a spare room, loft, garage or outbuilding near to you for a fraction of the price. Also take a look at, a firm which picks up boxes free of charge and stores them cheaply for as long as you want before delivering them back to anywhere in the UK.

Don’t buy boxes

There’s no need to part with cash to pay for boxes to pack your stuff in, as supermarkets, off licences and recycling centres are usually happy to give them away for free. Get more boxes than you think – and don’t forget things like newspapers, bubble wrap, tape and scissors as well. When it comes to packing, begin early, and double the time you think you need. Pack heavy items at the bottom and don’t over-fill large boxes.

And remember the golden rule: label absolutely everything.


Britain is a nation of hoarders, with many of us keeping hold of clothes, old mobile phone, birthday cards, electrical leads, CDs, key to unknown locks and various other bits and piece we’ll never need or use again. But if you’re moving house, now is the time to have a major clear-out. After all, there’s no point hauling boxes full of books and CDs you no longer want up several flights of stairs. Now is the time to digitise your music collection and store it online – and to carry your reading material in your Kindle. Once you’ve done this, you can then make money from your unwanted CDs, DVDs, games, technology and electronics – and even your clothes – by selling items on a site such as This site will give you an instant price for your goods.

Equally, with a little bit of effort, you can also sell items on the likes of Gumtree and Ebay.

Steer clear of commercial removal firms

When it finally comes to moving day, call in favours from friends and family rather than paying for a costly commercial firm. The promise of a drink and some nibbles should serve as an adequate incentive to get your loved ones to give a helping hand. If you need to hire a van, try a site such as, an online auction place which connects people needing removals with firms which bid for the job. You can either go with the lowest bid or the firm that has the best feedback. Equally, if you do decide to go for a removal firm, bear in mind they often charge more on a Friday or before a Bank Holiday, so arrange to move earlier in the week. And don’t forget, that if you de-clutter first, you won’t be paying to move items that you’ll only end up throwing out at a later date.

Esther Shaw is a personal finance writer for The Daily Express.  Esther recently got married and is planning on travelling in Argentina for Christmas and the New Year, but in the meantime is busy helping Savoo readers get the best money-saving tips on the market.

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