Do you see the real me? I’m homeless but I’m still human.

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Why would you walk past and look at me in that way?

Am I that different to you, and you, and you?

I’m a person too.

Do my clothes offend you? Perhaps it’s my expression. But I’m sad; you see. I’ve been through a lot.

I was raised in care as a child because I suffered abuse at the hands of my family; I’ve been made redundant and have struggled to find work; I’m suffering with a mental illness and have alienated myself from my friends; I’m trying to deal with the aftermath of a broken marriage; I’m an ex-serviceman; I’m a victim of substance abuse – not knowing which way to turn.

I am all of these things.

Did you know that I once served this country when you walked past and gave me that disapproving look?

Did you think about the breakdown of my marriage when you failed to stop and help me when you saw that I needed help?

Does the fact that I’m homeless make me a bad person? Are fortunate people good, and unfortunate people bad?

If I had a home, would you smile at me as you walked past?

If we were neighbours, would you stop to help me if I suffered a fall?

I need support more than ever now.

Please don’t walk past and look at me in that way.

We are homeless people but we are still people; we’re just people with nowhere to live right now.

You can show your support for homeless people in London by spending ‘A Night Under the Stars’ with us on 27th October 2015 at the Royal Festival Hall.

This annual classical music concert is held in aid of The Passage; a  charity dedicated to ending homelessness. You’ll get a chance to see solo violinist Esther Yoo performing Vaughan Williams’ sensational piece; The Lark Ascending, as well as see other performers delighting us with  masterpieces from Mendelssohn and Handel.

The Passage is a unique charity as it works to break the cycle of homelessness by not only offer immediate support in the form of shelter, warmth and food, but also healthcare, treatment for addiction and education to give these vulnerable people the resources they need to change their lives themselves.

If you can’t make the concert, you can also support The Passage for free when you download voucher codes with Savoo.

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