Festival Outfits 2022: What we’re wearing from Princess Polly this summer

The arrival of summer cues the beginning of everyone’s favourite period – festival season, and Savoo is here to help you save on your all-important outfits.

Beyond being a celebration of music and the artists we love, festivals are the perfect excuse to make a statement through your fashion choices. Commonly seen as places of self-expression, surrounded by link-minded people with similar music tastes, a love of music translates into freedom in dress, whether you make more effort than ordinary, wear brighter colours, more experimental styles or embellished makeup. Princess Polly knows a thing or two about festival fashion done right, and through shopping at Savoo, you can save 10% off your first full-priced order with our discount code.

We’ve tried and tested some of our favourite Princess Polly outfits, perfect for summer ’22, to give you the lowdown on the looks we love for music events this season.



Princess Polly Chadwick Top Blue Floral + Chadwick Mini Skirt White

Shona: Chadwick floral co-ord

Personally, festival fashion is all about colour, prints and a whole lot of glitter, and the Chadwick blue floral co-ord offers a stylish solution for those who want a stand-out look this summer.

I was hesitant about wearing a strapless top to a festival – with a day full of dancing on the agenda, showing more than I hoped was never a plan of mine. However, thanks to the inner silicone strip on the bust and the accurate sizing, the top fit me like a glove and I felt safe and secure all day – even by the time the main act came on.

What I loved about this outfit is that it satisfied my love for trends I’m a fan of at the moment while also fulfilling everything I enjoy about festival fashion. Corset tops are a must for me throughout summer 2022, and while the Chadwick top provided the same style, shape and effect – it allowed for heaps more movement and comfort that helped me last throughout the day. Paired with the matching skirt, I kept cool, even in the busy crowds, thanks to the mini length. You never know what the weather will throw at you – so mini skirts are vital for avoiding muddy ground and people treading on your freshest Princess Polly looks.

The best thing about co-ords is that they give the impression of maximum effort, with little planning when it comes to putting an outfit together. The Chadwick set is non-stretch, instead being fully lined with zip fastenings, made from a more structured material – which elevates the ensemble, giving it a high-quality feel.

And, as the set stylishly carried me through my first festival of the year so far – it was the perfect outfit to signal the arrival of summer.


Princess Polly Pricilla Mini Dress White

Front: Shona wearing the Pricilla Mini Dress White

Princess Polly Pricilla Mini Dress White

Back: Shona wearing the Pricilla Mini Dress White











The best thing about festival fashion is that it’s completely subjective. While some may opt for colourful clothes and glittery makeup, boho-chic and greek-goddess-esque festival looks are also ever-popular festival styles.

Coachella regularly acts as the front-runner in creating and affirming popular trends for festival fashion, along with popular events in the UK like Glastonbury. And, with notable celebrities in attendance, Coachella queen Vanessa Hudgens often sports ethereal, earthy and relaxed styles, perfect for the festival fashion inspo you need this summer.

The Pricilla mini dress is just the celestial style you need for an airy yet statement festival outfit. Featuring a one-shoulder design that continues to be a popular trend throughout ’22 and a fully exposed back – perfect if you enjoy dressing to impress during your favourite music events.

Featuring an elasticated neckline, stretch material and unlined fabric – I couldn’t have been more comfortable wearing anything else. The best thing about this dress is that it’s now my go-to pick for extra-special occasions. From pairing it with some trendy cowboy boots or trainers for a festival-ready look to some platform heels for a night out, or even some casual flat sandals for the perfect holiday look – the Pricilla mini dress is my new favourite addition to a versatile wardrobe.

Complete your boho-chic or greek-goddess-esque festival outfit with gold jewellery to compliment the white dress, a satin scarf to accessorise your hair and a 90s-style shoulder bag for all your festival essentials.


Princess Polly Selby Mini Skirt Grey + Angela Top Green

Shona: Selby Mini Skirt + Angela Top

With a laid back approach to festival fashion becoming more popular than ever in 2022 thus far – I wanted to explore the alternative for some of my planned events this summer.

Princess Polly’s Selby Mini Skirt in grey was the perfect style to help me achieve my simple yet stylish festival outfit. Inspired by the likes of Hailey Bieber’s ’22 Coachella look – consisting of an understated cropped cami and some low-rise jeans – it was about time that casual outfits done right got the appreciation they deserve for festivals.

As the ‘clean girl aesthetic’ is sweeping TikTok trends this season, Princess Polly’s slim-fitting linen mini skirt, paired with a classic white tank top, is an outfit that can’t go wrong. If you can’t get over your love for colour, I also styled my Selby skirt with the Angela Top in green!



The first thing on my list when festival shopping is always a dress (or two!) Not only is a summer dress a gorgeous essential in the hot weather, but I love that one piece of clothing can be your entire outfit. Having lived in big cities all my life, my friends and I don’t drive and so we rely on coaches, trains, and small, lift-able bags to get us through — carrying a heavy bag, a tent and a sleeping bag from the drop off to the campsite is hell.

The Princess Polly dress collections are massive, and it truly took hours scrolling through to feel like I’d seen them all. By that point there were at least 20 items in my bag and I ended up needing to do some serious editing.

To me, a festival calls for clashing prints or colour blocking; two trends I’ve not been able to put down since their revival in 2021. Every outfit I’ve been wearing to festivals this summer has followed an orange-blue, pink-green, or pink-red scheme, which makes it super easy to switch out pieces and turn minimal clothing into a maximum number outfits. The Georgia Midi Dress in navy was the perfect thing for this as the small flecks of orange made it easy to dress up with plenty of colour and accessories.
The fit of the dress is nothing short of perfect, and the open back is exactly the sort of feature that adds a little excitement to your standard festival dress.

Front: Ruby wearing the Georgia Dress in Navy

Back: Ruby wearing the Georgia Dress in Navy












Second thing I’m always taking to a festival is a white top. I love the way white clothing shows off a tan but I wouldn’t consider wearing white on my bottom half unless I intended to stand up all day! Even though the Princess Polly blouse I picked up was intended to come with me to a festival it’s had plenty of wear already. It’s flattering, and the quality means it’s not see-through like white clothing can sometimes be.

Like most, if not all of Princess Polly’s tops, it pairs well with the season’s trending bottoms (cargo pants). In case the weather gets really hot I also bagged a mini skirt in boho crochet that works so well at a festival. The statement skirt also serves the purpose of turning my second essential item of clothing into a third outfit!

Ruby: The Chet Top White


For me, accessories are what makes or breaks a festival outfit. With maximalism guiding the way I navigated the huge selection of Princess Polly hair accessories, sunglasses, and jewellery. Any good haul will have its fair share of accessories in my opinion, because they allow you to get creative look-wise while not bringing too many clothes which can get bulky.

In the end I went for orange sunglasses which have quickly become my favourite pair (they even have UV protection which blew my mind as often fashion sunglasses don’t). I also had to stop by and get myself some Princess Polly sandals which are the comfort equivalent of wearing your favourite pair of slippers… I know a platform sandal might not be a popular choice for a muddy field, but I want my foot as far away from the portaloo floors as possible.

Ruby: Princess Polly accessories


Now we’re in the heat of festival season with day parties and camping planned basically every weekend until September, a gram-worthy festival wardrobe is essential. Not only that, but with the UK’s unpredictable weather (and how messy festivals can get) keeping costs low and being able to cycle outfits for different festivals is a massive bonus.

From newsletter and SMS sign-up to rewards club and refer a friend scheme, there are so many ways to save with Princess Polly. All these discounts and more can be accessed right here at Savoo – simply head to our Princess Polly discount code page and see what savings are currently live. As voucher code experts we each managed to save over £50 on our orders, and have all the info to help you do the same! Check out our women’s fashion and outdoors discount codes to discover more ways to make your festival experience more affordable than ever this year.

Before shopping Princess Polly, learn how to build a money-saving capsule wardrobe from our guest writer and fashion expert Alexandra Fullerton, then head to Alexandra’s article on holiday packing to learn how to effectively pack to free up valuable bag space before you set off.

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