Finding Wedding Flowers on a Budget

If you are on a tight wedding budget it can be tempting to do away with the florist altogether and make the bouquets and arrangements yourself. But taking on the challenge of wedding flowers might end up causing more damage to your bank balance (and sanity!) than you think. Flowers can only be prepared on the nth hour, and they need to be kept refrigerated beforehand. Unless you have a very generous team of family and friends willing to help you arrange on the morning of the wedding, give this one a miss and economise using these tips from Savoo instead.

Mix it up
Opulent floral centrepieces for the tables are an enticing place to splash the cash, but you can easily lower your spend by mixing flower arrangements with alternative and cheaper accessories. Placing flowers on a mirror base and adding candles is a popular option, with the reflected flickering light creating impact. Other ideas include grouping glass bottles together and filling them with coordinating flowers, or using mini lanterns and tea lights as an alternative centrepiece.

Stay minimalist

The more varieties of flowers you choose the greater the cost, so stick to just one or two to keep your spend down. Sometimes centrepieces can be most effective when one voluminous type of flower is used in an arrangement, like a bouquet of hydrangeas. But if you do have your heart set on an expensive flower, use the variety sparingly and supplement with a complementary and cheap substitute.

Use foliage

Green foliage is the ideal way to create large arrangements without spending a lot of money. Pick your favourite type of flower and surround it with inexpensive greenery like ivy and ferns for maximum impact, minus the high price tag. Other items to bulk out your bouquet on a budget could include herbs, fruits and vegetables- kooky but fun!

Seasonal flowers

Importing out of season flowers will ramp up the cost, so pick flowers that are in season in the UK for maximum value for money.

Use planted flowers

Freshly cut flowers are not only expensive but also wilt and die after a short period of time. For wedding flowers with a difference, opt for potted plants instead. Your creativity will come in useful here, as you can play around with fun containers like teacups, wooden boxes and even fish bowls! Plus you and your guests get to take the arrangements home after the wedding.

Silk or dried flowers
Are your eyes watering at the cost of fresh flowers for your wedding? Well, don’t rule out the possibility of using the silk variety instead. Artificial flowers are just as lavish as the real thing, won’t wilt or squash during transport and can be kept as a memento afterward. Another popular choice for budget weddings are dried flowers, since these are not only economical but perfectly on trend for rustic décor; use wheat and lavender for a countryside theme.

Re-use your flowers

Savvy brides would not splash out on a different set of flowers for the ceremony and the wedding party: double up your arrangements and get your bouquets transported from the church to the table instead. And don’t forget to ask if there are any other weddings taking place at your venue on the same day because the bride might want to share the cost of the flowers.

Pick a statement flower

Swap bridesmaid bouquets for a single statement stem for each girl and see the price of your wedding flowers plummet: calla lilies and orchids work perfectly. But where are the rules that say that you and your bridesmaids have to carry a bouquet of flowers down the aisle at all? Give your girls homemade pinwheels or fans for a wedding procession to remember.
Location, location, location

If you haven’t picked your venue yet, consider getting married in a garden or a botanical park. Not only will the location be beautiful, but you will end up spending less on wedding flowers.

How did you save money on your wedding flowers? We would like to hear your ideas!
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