The future of cleaning rests with iRobot


The revolution is coming. Robots have begun to replace man where everyday tasks are concerned. They’re moving in on us – subtly – and before we know it, the world will be overrun with robots.


Ok, perhaps we’re being a little dramatic.

But that’s only because we can’t quite believe that, amongst other super high-tech robotics we can’t even begin to understand, there are now tiny little dinner plates on wheels called Roomba vacuum cleaner robot’s that can hoover your home all by themselves.

It’s like something out of the Jetsons.

irobot jetsons

Roomba is the perfect partner for those lusting after a cleaner home. If you’ve ever dreamt that one day you’ll walk through the door and find your other half, hoover in hand, blitzing your palace – dream on. The reality of a cleaner home is to find someone – or something else to make your dreams come true.

Enter the latest Roomba® 980 and get ready for cleaner floors, every day, at the push of a button!


Ideal for busy mums or urban professionals who lead hectic lifestyles, as well as older generations who may struggle with physically demanding household activities, these dream machines run on infrared sensors that help them navigate their way around your room without bumping into anything.

They operate wirelessly and are powered by rechargeable batteries – any get this; they’re so darn clever that as soon as their batteries start to run low, they’ll whizz themselves back to the power source to recharge!

Mind. Blown.

So just to recap; you can now get a clean home while you’re out and about, without having to badger your partner and without having to pay a cleaner.

The self-governed Roomba will dance its way around your home, cleaning all floor surfaces; picking up pet hair, dust and larger debris underneath furniture and in every corner.

And whilst this little miracle ‘don’t come cheap‘, you cant really put a price on all that extra time you’ll save.

The iRobot Roomba® 980 costs £899.99 – but you can get free delivery with these IRobot Promo Codes.

Now excuse us as we get back to our little house in the sky.


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