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Yesterday afternoon I was fortunate enough to be invited along to The Hut Group’s first ever Health is Wealth event, and I arrived eager and ready to find out what simple steps I’d need to follow to get skin like Miranda Kerr and a body like, well, Miranda Kerr actually.

Miranda Kerr

Yep…aiming high. Anyway…

I arrived in time for a brief pep talk from Lucinda, Head of Affiliate Marketing and a MyProtein ambassador, who discussed how times and perceptions have changed.

As you’ve probably gathered, it’s now fashionable to be fit and I learned that the ‘biggies’ in beauty, health and fitness expect 2016 to be the year that the health movement really takes off.

Before I began my very own fitness journey and worked my way around the various workshops, I picked up a sample shot of Fountain’s Phyto-Collagen Molecule which I’m told contains a whopping 5000mg of hydrolysed collagen in each serving and will give me beautiful, younger looking skin. This is one of Fountain’s best-sellers and actually tasted rather nice. At £39.99 it’s not cheap but there are multi-buy options.


Continuing with the beauty theme, my next stop was Jurlique UK where I was treated to a sumptuous hand massage with the popular and highly recommended Rose Hand Cream. Jurlique products are 100% natural and are organically farmed in Australia so you can feel good about using these ethical but luxurious treats. Trust me when I say they smell fantastic, and the lotion left my hands feeling like silk.


I left feeling relaxed and uplifted thanks to the Jurlique Citrus Botanicals burning nearby. I bagged a few freebies so should be closing this week with a clear mind as well as soft hands. Stay tuned; product reviews to come.

As I glided serenely away from my pamper session I spotted the Lookfantastic stand and made a beeline. We built beauty boxes filled with a range of top quality treats which I’ll be blogging about as I use them so stay tuned if you’re intrigued but not convinced any of these products will actually give you the skin and hair of Miranda Kerr.

lookfantastic beauty box

I can tell you that I dove into my beauty box and tried out the Caudalie Vinoperfect Serum last night and this morning. Rated five stars on, this serum promises to fight dark spots and boost the skin’s radiance and appearance. And while its too early for me to confirm if it really does make a difference to my complexion, I can say that this silky serum absorbed into my skin quickly; leaving my face feeling nourished without feeling oily. So far so good, but at £45.00 a pop you’re best off checking out these Lookfantastic discount codes – you could save big on your beauty shop












Let’s take a jump from beauty to ‘fit’ now.

Next on my list was the Myprotein stand, where I soon found myself ‘bowl-in-hand’ making personalised protein balls.

“What in the name of saint francis is a protein ball?” I hear you cry! Well let me tell you…

Half a cup of Impact Whey Protein, one third of Instant Oats, one pipette of vanilla flavoured Flavdrops and a dash of water and I found myself….in a mess.

It was good fun though and even my poor attempt at protein balls actually tasted pretty good, I’d recommend you try the real deal. Find pre made versions at Myprotein and don’t forget to download these Myprotein discount codes before you buy.


My final stop was the Exante Diet station.

I’ll be honest; I was lured by the chocolates and I confessed to the reps immediately. Luckily, the first thing they asked me to do was a taste test. #winning


I was seriously impressed by the taste and texture of these diet bars; they didn’t actually taste like diet bars at all. Like many women, I’m always on a diet I’m just not that good at sticking to them in all honesty.

So I asked the reps what made the Exante diet different to any others and whether these sweet tasting bars and shakes were any different to the likes of Slimfast or Weightwatchers.

It turns out that the Exante Diet specialises in total meal replacement products; in other words, these products are fortified with all the nutrients and minerals you need. Sounds like a pretty quick, easy and healthy way to lose a few pounds before the festive season if you ask me.

And that pretty much sums up my day at The Hut Group’s Health is Wealth event. Come back to find out more about the specific beauty products I’ll be trialling.

I may not look like Miranda yet but it’s only a matter of time…surely?

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