International Women’s Day: Women in business, money, and charity

For thousands of years women have been defending their cause, challenging the status quo and standing up for what they believe in. From medicine to politics, finance to literature – there are inspiring women leading the way.

International Women’s Day falls on 8th March every year. It’s been celebrated for over a century – starting in 1911 to celebrate the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women around the world. To celebrate IWD2020, we asked the team at Savoo to share their most inspirational women in business, money saving and charity.

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Gaby Dunn – Izzy, UK Content 

Gaby Dunn

Gabrielle Teresa Dunn – better known as Gaby Dunn is a best-selling author, actor, comedian, LGBTQ activist and podcaster hailing from across the pond. Best known for her unabashedly radical podcast ‘Bad With Money’, she isn’t afraid to tell it how it is.

The perfect antidote to boring money podcasts from dinosaur finance experts, Dunn is realistic, empowering and relatable. Her book ‘Bad with Money: The Imperfect Art of Getting Your Financial Sh*t Together’ was released earlier this year, and proved a hit with millennials and Gen Z. The book turns the topic of money from dry and unpalatable to humorous and engaging.

Jasmine Birtles – Corinna, German Content 


Jasmine Birtles

Jasmine Birtles is somewhat of a money-saving queen, using her sharp wit and engaging charm to demystify money and economics for the masses.

A business journalist, prolific author and established presenter, Birtles is also founder of consumer money-saving website She launched this online money saving hub in 2007 to be a “fun, easy-to-follow guide to managing the money you have, making more of it and living a richer life all round”.

Her advice on making, saving and managing money is practical, optimistic and simple – especially the ‘make quick money‘ ideas. An ubiquitous presence in the world of saving money, she makes a worrying subject really easy to understand – even for those that baulk at the thought of having to save.

Michelle Mitchell – Adam Zaidman, Partnerships


Michelle Mitchell

Michelle Mitchell is an extremely well-known name in the charity world. Having been part of the team at Age UK, the Multiple Sclerosis Society of Great Britain, and the Fawcett Society, she is now the Chief Executive of Cancer Research UK.

Her extensive work in the charity sector has been inspiring and successful. In fact, during her time as the MS society she oversaw a 40 per cent increase in access to effective MS treatments and launched a £100m fundraising campaign. She describes herself as ‘not somebody who sticks to the status quo’ when coming into a new organisation, and was include in the ‘100 Women to Watch’ list of 2018.

Simonne Gnessen – Alex Graham, UK Sales


Simonne Gnessen

Gnessen is your go-to if you’re a woman who needs to get their finances in order but struggles with money terminology. Co-author of ‘Sheconomics’ and founder of Wise Monkey Financial Coaching, she’s a woman on a mission to help those who wouldn’t normally read about money.

Sheconomics helps women put some power in their purse and give their finances the ultimate makeover. Swapping the more typical female conversation topics from makeup, clothes and sex for loans, pensions and spending – Sheconomics is definitely some productive reading we can get behind. Gnessen can help you change your attitude towards money and become the superwoman of your finances.

Anne Boden – Amélie, French SEO


Anne Boden

Growing up in Swansea, Anne Boden had an ordinary Welsh childhood. Fast forward to today and she’s a big part of the exciting revolution happening in the financial world. Boden is the founder and CEO of Starling Bank – a mobile only bank challenging traditional banking and changing the face of finance.

Plus, in June 2019, Boden’s first book – The Money Revolution – was released, with the aim of simplifying the financial jargon we see every day. Instead, it’s an easy-to-read and transparent guide to help people take control of their finances the simple way.

Holly Tucker – Nina, German SEO


Holly Tucker

Holly Tucker MBE is one busy lady. Not only is she co-founder of small business marketplace Not on the High Street, but she’s also an ambassador for Creative Small Businesses, which champions independent makers and creators. These small business owners are the backbone of our society, and Tucker’s work aims to demystify the grey world of business and dreams to take flight.

Tucker is also co-author of two best-selling business books ‘Build a Business From Your Kitchen Table’ and ‘Shape Up Your Business’. Plus, she was instrumental in founding The Happy Bricks Foundation, a small non-profit charity focusing on the lives of disadvantaged children around the world.

An important figure in both business and charity, Tucker is an inspiration and role model for women in business and aspiring business owners, helping those that want to learn from her success.

Debbie Wosskow – Christie, UK SEO


Debbie Wosskow

Debbie Wosskow is the woman helping other women in business. With only 27% of business owners in the UK being female, Wosskow’s mission is crucial. She’s the founder of AllBright – the first women-only members club that provides funding, education and support for female entrepreneurs.

The name was inspired by a quote from Madeleine Albright, the first female US Secretary of State: “There is a special place in hell for women who don’t help other women”. Wosskow is aiming to rectify what she says is ‘insufficient investment in and support for female entrepreneurs’ in the UK.

In late 2019, Wosskow launched the Sisterhood Works podcast, showcasing stories of inspiring women and how they became who they are today. The podcast is available to listen and download on Spotify.

Sarah Willingham – Luke, UX Designer


Sarah Willingham

You probably recognise the name of this serial entrepreneur from hit BBC series Dragon’s Den. But there are more strings to this dragon’s bow than first meets the eye.

Besides managing some of the worlds most successful food chains like Planet Hollywood and Pizza Express, Willingham has invested in a number of startups and has helped transform struggling restaurants into booming businesses. On top of being a leading female consumer champion, she can often be found sharing useful money-saving tips and tactics to make frugal life fun.

Jacqueline Gold – Marine, French Content


Jacqueline Gold

Jacqueline Gold is the CEO of Ann-Summers and Knickerbox and is known for running a business by women, for women. She began working at her father’s company, Ann-Summers, at the age of 21.

She was the driving force behind changing the direction of the business to focus on being a safe, female-friendly environment for women to shop for lingerie and sex toys. With no formal business training, Gold ascribes her success to understanding women, good instincts and always listening to the customer.

She also uses her influential position to support charities including The Children’s Trust. She supports and promotes aspiring female business owners through her weekly Twitter campaign #WOW – part of her overarching campaign Championing Working Women. What a woman!

Feeling inspired?

Feeling inspired yet? We know we are! What kickass females are you proud to be celebrating this International Women’s Day? Let us know in the comments below.

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