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This Valentine’s Day, we’re celebrating everything there is to love about life. That doesn’t just mean your partner – whether you’re single or coupled up, the world is full of wonderful things to love.

Over this romantic season, we’ll let you in on some great ways to enjoy what you love most without breaking the bank. From finding a new favourite hobby to treating yourself, check out our series of Life Loves blogs and start loving life to the fullest.

Plus, you’ll have the chance to win £150 by entering our Life Loves competition (now closed), as well as a £150 donation to charity on your behalf. Simply love the post on Facebook and let us know your favourite, cheap way to treat yourself in the comments with the hashtag #LOVESAVOO to be with a chance of winning.

This time, we’re looking at how you can celebrate your home. You’ve heard the old saying – home is where the heart is. Our home is the centre of our lives, which is why it’s so important to make it a place where you feel happy, safe and full of love. It’s where you head after a long day, where you wake up, and it’s always there when you need it.

Author Jill Angelo says, “home means sanctuary, the place we can rest, relax, enjoy time with friends, learn, grow … and just be.” So whether you’re sharing a place with flatmates, are living in a tiny studio or at the centre of a busy family home, here are a few great ways to make your home a place you love on a budget.

Home welcome mat with heart

Make your house a home

Interior designer Natalie Walton tells us: “In many ways, homes embody how we live and see ourselves. And these spaces evolve when we focus on what makes us happy.” Your home is an extension of yourself, and it’ll become somewhere you feel content once you start filling it with what makes you feel happy.

Even if you’re on a shoestring budget, it’s easy to make your mark on your home. Celebrate your personal style in the little details. Whether it’s with a piece of art you’ve always loved, a unique piece of furniture, some fresh flowers or even something as simple as your bedsheets, with Savoo’s home and garden discount codes it’s effortless to express yourself without splashing out.

Treat yourself to some stylish home accessories from Made.com, some cosy new bedding from Debenhams or furniture which just screams you from Clippings. Add those all important details that make your house feel like home.

Wall showing art and posters

Do it yourself, make it your own

When you chose your place you saw its potential – it’s time to remind yourself why you fell in love and rekindle your romance with your home. Give your home a whole new lease of life by getting stuck into a D.I.Y. project.

Tear down the ugly wallpaper you’ve always hated and replace it with something you love with one of Savoo’s fantastic Graham and Brown discount codes. Build some shelves or dig up your garden and start afresh with stunning plants from YouGarden.

Redecorate on a budget by doing it yourself to pinch those pennies. With the wealth of how-to videos out there, why not learn a new skill and transform your home?

That said, if you know a project is beyond you, there’s no shame in calling in a professional – you can still bag a bargain on the materials and tools. Do it all on the cheap with our great savings for B&Q, Wickes, Robert Dyas and more fantastic D.I.Y. brands. Make your home the beautiful place you always knew it could be with a bit of D.I.Y. magic.

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Turn your home green

Show the planet some love by making your home a money-saving, eco-friendly paradise. This doesn’t necessarily mean making big, expensive changes; instead it’s all about little lifestyle swaps and solutions that will save you money in the long term, like growing your own veg or recycling.

Nigel Berman, founder of Nigel’s Eco Store told The Independent, “Being green will help protect the planet and save you money year in year out. With the growth of stylish and practical green home goods, it’s a win-win all round.”

One cheap, easy, eco-friendly change anyone could make would be to convert to environmentally friendly light bulbs. By switching to LED you could save anything between £100 to £250 a year. Take a look at the Lamp Shop Online’s great deals and try their energy saving calculator to work out how much money and energy you could save.

You could also save money by converting to a smart heating thermostat such as Hive. Hive lets you control your heating through a handy free app. Turn the heating up, down or totally off no matter where you are, making maintaining energy efficiency a doddle. Hive claims that you can save £150 on your heating bills a year, making it well worth it to invest in your home while reaping the benefits. Stay cosy, save money and do your bit to save the planet.

House with indoor plants

Keep it shining

It may not be the most glamorous activity, but keeping everything clean and sparkling is a cheap and easy way to show your home a little love. It also helps you to feel calm, centred and relaxed.

As Kathryn Hearn wrote in The Guardian: “There’s a mindfulness to cleaning. Concentrating on a task […] physically and mentally allows us to escape whatever’s going on around us. It lets troubled minds find a place of peacefulness.”

And it seems many of us agree. Marie Kondō’s Netflix sensation ‘Tidying Up‘ has a huge audience following her book ‘The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up.’

Kondō recommends we only keep belongings that speak to our heart by asking ourselves ‘does this spark joy?’ If the answer is no, in the donation bin they go. This simple method keeps your house fresh, de-cluttered and full only of things you love. She calls this the “KonMari” method, which promises a tidy house followed by a content, tidy mind.

Radiographer Jerrie Sharp tried the KonMari method and said the positive effects on her and her partner’s mental health were immediate. She told the BBC that “My partner is bi-polar, and he saw a massive difference having his office clear.” With fewer distractions and a more ordered home, Jerrie has become noticeably more productive just because of some quick decluttering.

So maybe it’s time to stop thinking of cleaning as just another chore but as a simple way to take control of our lives, de-stress and regroup. Get a clean start on a budget with our amazing deals for top vacuums from Dyson, specialised floorcare from Gtech and fun, creative stationery and storage solutions to keep you organised from Paperchase.

organised rack of clothing

Spread the love with free donations this Valentine’s Day

Your home may be the centre of your life, but many others aren’t as fortunate. While you’re finding ways to love your home this Valentine’s Day, why not support charities that work hard to give those in need a roof over their heads when they need it most.

Raise free donations to charities that work closely with homeless people like Barnabus and the Ronald McDonald House Charities every time you shop online.

You can make these donations at no extra cost to yourself quickly, easily and without spending a penny through Savoo. Find out how with our handy step-by-step guide.

These donations make a massive difference without costing you a penny. So while you’re saving money on your Valentine’s shopping, why not help get someone in need a place to stay tonight.

Plus, if you win our competition you’ll get a chance to give a charity a life-changing £150 donation, as well as enjoying £150 for yourself.

As we all know, there’s no place like home. With Savoo, it’s easy to add a little something extra to your home with our unmissable voucher codes and money-saving tips. Don’t forget to keep an eye on our social feeds to see more Love Lifes blogs and news about the competition.

Lots of love to you from Savoo.

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