Celeb Fashion Faux Pas to Terrify Everyone at London Fashion Week

London Fashion Week - celeb faux pas

London Fashion Week has officially begun, and designers, students and full-time fashionistas in the UK and all around the world are now watching and waiting in earnest to see what’s hot and what’s not for AW16.

We thought we’d take the opportunity to reflect on a few celebrity fashion faux pas that certainly would not be welcome anywhere near the runway during London Fashion Week.

Pants on Show

London Fashion Week faux pas

This is probably a celebs worst nightmare, and yet year after year, our TV lovelies fall victim to the floaty fabric / stiff breeze / see-through-under-flashbulb catastrophe that is the ‘pants on show’ faux pas. Luckily these gorgeous ladies haven’t got too much to worry about thanks to their fab figures, but still…we think pants are best shown behind closed doors.

Disaster DIY Tans

Let's all have a moment of silence for the 'celebrity fake tan' because it's over

DIY fake tan is a very dangerous game to play – especially for those in the spotlight. We can’t imagine the runway models at London Fashion Week applying their colour with mitts backstage whilst Henry Holland and Alice Temperley adjust and refine their triple-figure outfits ready for show time. Don’t be like Lindsay and Claudia – the DIY tan game is so over darling.

Highlighter Horrors

London Fashion Week faux pas

We’re a nation of selfie-takers and photo-ready females, so we all know the wonders that can be worked with some strategically applied highlighter. But you can have too much of a good thing as Angelina Jolie and Nicole Kidman proved. Easy on the white stuff ladies!

Fall from Grace

London Fashion Week fall

Now I wouldn’t class this one as a fashion faux pas but it’s certainly not Vogue. This must be the number one fear for every catwalk model and celeb guest during London fashion Week – their reputation depends on it. Our beloved Helen Mirren took a tumble at the ‘Woman in Gold’ Premiere at the International Film Festival after tripping over the hem of her dress, and we all recall Jennifer Lawrence’s famous fall as she collected her Oscar. Luckily both of our girls still managed to look super chic as they crawled around in front of the cameras.

Stay chic at London Fashion Week

We’ll have our eyes firmly glued to the catwalk during London Fashion Week so that we can bring you all the latest trends for AW16 and help you achieve designer looks for less with our high street look-a-like pieces.

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