March Charity Competition – which charity will win £500 this week?

March charity competition

It’s week 3 of the March Charity Competition and we’ve given away £1000 to charity already. This week, we’re showcasing four new charities who’d each like to win £500 this week for their cause.

To help your chosen charity win £500 this week, all you need to do is sign up as a supporter to one of the four charities below by Monday 13th and start searching, saving and raising at For full details, see how it works.

We asked each of our charities – how would £500 help your cause?

After Adoption

After Adoption is a national charity supporting everyone affected by adoption, including children, adoptive families, adopted adults and birth families. We understand the lifelong impact adoption has on anyone who is touched by it, and we’re here to provide support every step of the way.

That includes:

  • TalkAdoption activities for children to help them understand their identity and increase their confidence
  • SafeBase, our therapeutic parenting programme for adoptive families
  • ReUnite, our service to help people looking for lost birth relatives and supporting them through reunions
  • BirthTies, providing advice and support to birth parents who have lost a child to adoption, and helping them with contact arrangements

£500 could help us do so much, from staffing our free and confidential ActionLine to providing art equipment for family fun days.

Choose to support After Adoption and you will be helping us ensure that everyone affected by adoption has the support they need to live happier lives.


Longfield supports people in Gloucestershire living with a life-limiting illness. We care for people with cancer, neurological conditions such as Parkinson’s disease, Multiple Sclerosis and end stage organ failure such as heart and respiratory disease.

£500 will enable us to carry on giving free care and support to the people who really need it. Every year we help hundreds of patients and their families, offering anything from Day Therapy, counselling and bereavement support, to complementary therapies, carer support and our Hospice at Home service.

£500 will really help change the lives of the people we help. Every pound will help local individuals and families living through hard times in Gloucestershire.

As a charity, we really do rely on the hard work and generosity of people like you to keep our vital work going.

Support Longfield now and help us to transform lives. 


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